Sunday, June 30, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Kahurangi Dance Theatre Recount

On the 24th of June 2013 the Kahurangi Dance group came to our school.  They performed in the school hall.  The performance was called 'People of the Pacific' and we had to play four dollars to get in and one hundred and something kids at our school attended.  The people in my class who went were Kristal, Chloe, Nichola, Levi, Liam and I.  

On our way over the hall we went in with the kids from Room Two.   When we got to outside of the hall we were waiting for the other classes to get there.  While we were waiting Matua Peter asked a question to us, what year were women allowed ot vote.  No-one answered the question by the time that we had to go into the hall.

 When we were all seated three of the men walked out on stage.  The first island that they told us about was Tahiti they showed us the long drum and then the conch shell and three of the ladies came out and they sung songs from Taihiti.

The second island was Hawaii they did the Hula and sung some songs.  The third island that they told us about was Rarotonga.   They told us that Rarotonga has heaps of similarities to Maori.   The last island they told us about was New Zealand.  They told us about the Taiaha.   After that they choose three people to go up on stage.    Those people were Katipa, Wiremu, and Quayne.   They had to copy one of the performers doing the
 Taiaha.   It was really fun.

Overall I think they were really cool and funny and I really enjoyed the performance and we were lucky that they came to perform at Melville Intermediate School.

Recount written by Reitu from Room Five.

Melville Intermediate - Melvilles Got Talent Auditions 2013

On the last Wednesday of Term Two we're having our bi-annual Melville Intermediate School Talent Show, 'Melvilles Got Talent'.   On Friday we had a round of auditions for the finals and Jackie and Chloe from Room Five were present, the finalists haven't been officially announced but you can view at least two of them here...
Melvilles Got Talent 2013 - Auditions from myles webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging Teaches Levi a Lesson

We've been thrilled with the response that we've had and the connections that have been made with our Quadblogging buddies.  One of the tasks that we've set ourselves was to learn more about the towns and schools that we've been working with.  We searched for a program and settled on Quiz Revoultion.  We loved the features of it.  When the students of Room Five were creating the Quiz about different places we spoke about reliable information and details, and making sure our information was correct.   We've had huge success with our Tawa Intermediate/Wellington Quiz - according to our stats we've had over 500 people sit the Quiz since we first posted it online last Friday.

But there was a problem.    It turned itself into a teaching point and lesson in class on Friday.  Levi and Nathan H's Quiz Revoultion stated that there was a swimming pool at Tawa Intermediate School. We received feedback from students of Tawa Intermediate pretty  
quickly and realised that an error had been made.

Firstly we asked Levi permission to discuss his mistake in class.  We then looked at what process he had undertaken.  Firstly Levi said that he'd used a Google search to determine that Tawa Intermediate had a pool.  We asked if it could be re-created and Levi said no.   We had a positive discussion about this and what we could infer from Levi's statement. 

Levi responded by saying that he read online that Tawa Intermediate had a swimming competition, as they had posted the results online on their webpage, he inferred that this had meant that the had a swimming pool onsite, and Levi to his credit admitted that he hadn't confirmed this, he had made an assumption.

Its been a great lesson for our class - we need to ensure always that we are checking information that we gather online so that we can justify what we say, and if there is any doubt then we should be able to back it up.   When Josh and Harry went live with their Quiz Revoultion Christchurch/Selywn House School there was a question about the School Pig (that has even been made an enviro agent!) some of the students who answered the quiz said that there wasn't a pig at the school! But Josh had done his homework and had the link to back it up! Another great Quadblogging Aotearoa Experience

Friday, June 28, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Waikato Inter Intermediate Dance Day 2013

At Peachgrove Intermediate there was a dance day called "Work it Out".  

There were two girls that were instructing us.  Marcus, Carlos and Ngarama and I went from our school.  At first the girls were just introducing themselves and what we were going to do.  Then we got up and learnt a new dance in just one hour.   It was really tough to memorise it was really tough to memorise but after it looked awesome.

Later on we got divided into six groups.  Ngarama and I were together with four other girls.  Marcus and Carlos were with some others.   Firstly our job was to add on to the dance we had already learned and we all then got to know each other better.   We then performed our dance.

Next we got some music and a theme we had to make our own dance.  It was really hard because we got a slow song.   We performed our dance in front of everyone else.   Then it was lunch time.  Mrs Wilson took our school to the nearby bakery - we got pies and a drink with something nice and sweet.

We went back to Peachgrove and then we had a huge challenge.  The challenge was that we had to join our groups together and mix the dances we had learned.   The instructor gave us some help and then it looked really good.  Some parents came and watched our performances.   My favourite one was Carlos and Marcus dance - they had the best music 'turn the lights on'.   We went to the carpark and took some pictures and then we talked all the way back to school.

Report by Romanjot Singh.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Good Luck to R5 students in tomorrows Challenge

Tomorrow see's five students from Room Five start their day at 7:00am in the morning - the students are meeting tomorrow at the Claudelands Area - their day will finish a 10:00pm with the Waikato Stage Challenge Finals for 2013.  Melville Intermediate has never been involved in the Stage Challenge before but this year our students have combined with Melville High School.
Its been a huge amount of work for the students with rehearsals every week since the start of the year, and recently rehearsals have been three or four times a week.  It all comes down to tomorrows performance.  Today we go to see the final dress rehearsal at Melville High School - we of course can't post that video until tomorrow, but we want to wish Elizabeth, Bianca, Jamie, Damien and Deighton the very best of luck - see you all Wednesday. 

Stage Challenge 2013 on PhotoPeach

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Maggi Kitchen Showdown 2013

This Friday students from Melville Intermediate traveled to Auckland for the Maggi Kitchen Showdown.  The students were competing for a place in the finals to be shown on TV on the Erin Simpson Show.   These photographs are some from that trip.   The details of the competition can be found by clicking on this link.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Maggi Kitchen Showdown 2013

Today four students went to the maggi intermediate kitchen showdown. We have been practicing for 10 weeks. we drove up to Auckland Papakura High Shool for the showdown, we left at 7.30 am and got back at 1.30 we had 50 minutes to cook our meal wich was chicken wrap, polenta bread, roasted veges and balsamic jus. Erin Simpson was there and her camera crue. they realy liked our meal and we are proud of what we done and plated up.

Melville Intermediate - Tawa Intermediate Quiz

This week in class as part of our Quadblogging we looked at questions for the other classes in our Quad. We decided to turn it on its head a little bit, in that we researched questions about Mt Pleasant School, Selwyn House School and Tawa Intermediate. We then researched the answers for the questions about the school and found if it applied. We also did the same thing but applied it to the cities that our Quadblogging buddies are from - Christchurch and Wellington. This meant that we were learning about our buddies, 'relating to others' and we finally looked online for a tool to publish our quiz questions with. Thanks to Stephen from the Ins and Outs who recommended Quiz Revolution. This quiz is about Tawa Intermediate and the city of Wellington.

Thanks to the students of Tawa Intermediate who pointed out the two questions that had mistakes in them, we thought that our information from the Internet was a hundred percent correct! We have fixed the original questions so that the Pool question is correct.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Tawa Intermediate Student Posts to Visit

One of our Quadblogging Buddies - Tawa Intermediate School from Wellingont have posted about the individual student blogs that people from their class have, and recommended some posts.  The orginal post is from this site here.  You can also click on the link below to the individual students work.  Choose one that you like the sound of, go to the students site, look at the work, thnik about leaving a quality comment to the student.

This is the original post from Tawa Intermediate School.

Quadblogging - Sharing the love

One of the students in Room 15 suggested that we use this week to showcase some of students amazing work from their individual blogs.

Lets showcase some fabulous Room 15 bloggers.

Quintin spent a lot of time editing his cross country post. He took a so-so piece of writing and turned it into a personal best!

Ram wrote a fantastic writing sample this term. Read until the end of his story and have a giggle. Twisted endings a speciality of Ram's!

Helen uses some fantastic vocabulary in her writing. Find out more in her story Karma.

Josh W had 100 words to build a story about the night zookeeper.

Commenting is a way we can share our enjoyment of other's work. Be sure to stop by these individual blogs and share some the love!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Melville Intermediate - LOL Drinks make it to MIS thanks to R5 and our learning Network!

Today was the first official day that LOL drinks were sold from the Canteen at Melville Intermediate School.  Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that earlier in the year we used our learning network of friends to locate and find all of the menus and canteen lists that we could find from around New Zealand and also around the world.  We want to take this opportunity again to thank everyone that contrinuted towards our gathering of information and data.  We haven't finished yet.  The first two new items have appeared on the MIS Canteen menu - LOL drinks were
sold today and on Friday American Hotdogs will be be sold from our Canteen.

While Damien and Wattana are two of the classroom representatives from Room Five we couldnt have made the changes and improvements to our menu for our students without the help of those people who gave us, and the entire school options. 

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging Aotearoa Video #2

Yesterday we had a group of Melville Intermediate students who were guests in Room Five during technology, including Douglas who was in Room Five last year.   We explained the process of Quadblogging to these students.  We then had a brainstorming session, identified what we needed or could show to our buddies as an area of interset at Melville Intermediate School.   The boys then shot the video, edited the video themselves and we uploaded it to Vimeo, all in half a day.
Quadblogging Video #2 2013 - Playground from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging Introductory Videos

We are part of an awesome group of classrooms, students and schools involved in the Quadblogging Aotearoa Project.  There are four other schools as well as ourselves Tawa Intermediate (Wellington), Selwyn House School and Mt Pleasant School (both from Christchurch).  One of the things that we (Room Five) decided that we could create for our new friends was some video tours of our schools and environment.   This video was created by Douglas, Hamish with assistance.  Filmed and edited by the students, posted and uploaded all this morning/afternoon Tuesday 18th June 2013.
Quadblogging Video #1 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

We had a brainstorming session in the classroom about what areas would be of interest to people getting to know our school.  One of the areas that we are very proud of is our school entrance way, which was built in 2013.  We have a series of posts with our school values (the MIS STARS) on display on it.  We have an entranceway that lights up in the evening and that reflects the cultures of MIS School.

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Art 2013

On Friday 14ht of June the Inter Intermediate Art Day was held at Hamilton Junior High School. Jozarn from room five attended. There were a variety of activities including grafitti art, which Jozarn placed second in for 'Fresh'. You had to draw a piece with a spray can on a piece of wood on a bi wall. There was also latern making. You had a balloon, gloves and you used glue from a containe. In recycling you had an aluminium can the top and the bottom were taken off it which left just the middle and the ends, and they were folded ontop of each other to make a braclet. It was an amazing experience for the students conceJrned and Jozarn and the other students loved it.

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Art Day 2013

On Friday 14th of June the Waikato Intermediate Schools Inter Intermediate Art Day was held at Hamilton Junior High School. Jozarn was one of the lucky students who attended from Melville Intermediate School and these photos are from some of the activities that the students were involved in. Jozarn came second in the grafitti art section for his 'Fresh' design. inter intermediate art day 2013 on PhotoPeach

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Cultural Diversity: Australia

Melville Intermediate - Blogging Can Change things!

On Friday at our School Assembly our Principal, Mr Cooke, mentioned changes that were being made to the Melville Intermediate School Tuck Shop/Canteen as a result of students research and preparation.  This is the first time in the last few years that the menu has been changed and one of the key reasons for the change is this site and those people who contributed to it.  Earlier in the year we put a series of posts online asking for school menus to compare to ours.  We had a great response from so many of you from New Zealand and overseas.  We then became involved in a process of filtering, selecting and choosing improvements that could make to our menu.  Its taken some time but we were excited to hear on Friday that our menu will now include the first new item Lol Drinks.  Its just a small step and there's more to follow but its come as a direct result of our visitors, those who contributed to our asking and the students.  A great result all around.

In Room Five we have two School representatives Damien and Wattana.  This is what Damien wrote about the process of getting the drinks added to the menu:

My new canteen list is made out of other canteens around the world I asked schools if they had canteens and the results were huge. The Melville Intermediate student councillors needed ideas for more food and drinks that appeal to other students. So I and Wattana added some new foods to our Canteen list from other schools of the world. On Friday the 17th May we went to our student council meeting in the school library and we presented our work of the proposal of our Canteen list Mrs Patterson agreed to some of it but overall it was actually pretty good. But the Lol drink was overall the best item on the list by far and the best school canteen list was from BALMORAL school.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Cultural Diversity Australia

Melville Intermediate - Talent Quest 2013 Coming Soon.

Melville Got Talent, our school wide talent quest is coming later this term.  We've got acts from all over the school competing.   Last year we didn't have a School wide competition, we took part in a Hamilton wide competition with a group of our students doing extremely well.  One of the finalists from 2012 from Melville, and its fair to say a favourite for the 2013 competition was Kyla from Room Twelve.   This is her 2012 effort singing 'Hallelujah' as filmed by Mr Bell at the 2012 finals.

Melville Intermediate - Rewind: Melville Survivor 2011

Coming soon we've got the debut episode of Melville: Suvrivor (our 2013 season).  The team selection is currently in progress and will be announced shortly.  In the meantime we're looking back at the 2011 Season, this post one of the most popular challenges and episode, episode five.  This is what was written about the post in 2011

'In today's challenge the teams had to race across the field, collecting letters that were written in three separate locations on the base of chairs.  They then had to race back to the solving area and attempt to solve the word puzzle, using all the letter more quickly than the other team... with only five episodes left until the grand final this episode was crucial for one team....'

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging Survey for our Quadbuddies

One of the classes in our Quadblogging Group, Selwyn House, have had the brilliant idea of putting up a google doc as a way of getting to know the rest of the quad.  Damien and Wattana from Room Five have already been there, done that, which is wondeful but the rest of Room Five are going to fill the survey out on Thursday and Friday.   The link to post from Selwyn House is here.

Melville Intermediate - Coming soon... Melville Survivor....

SurvivorMelville2013Promo from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Sport Waikato Ki-o-Rahi

This morning we had special guests from Sport Waikato who taught us how to play Ki-o-Rahi which is a traditional Maori game.

Cody wrote 'we went out in the morning and played Ki o Rahi. They told us how to play and we were off.  The ball was going around like a speeding bullet.  Change over and its still flying around.  Reitu's team scored five and it was all over.  Overall it was a fun game'.  Codys top five tips for the game were 1. stay inside Te Roto until pass off 2.  Run around trying to get the ball 3. get the other teams tags off 4. give to the shooters to score by striking the bin.

Chloe wrote 'when I got to the turf and looked out at the field there were cones and a bucket and I was wondering what game we were playing.  Then they told us that it was called Ki-O-Rahi.  I thought that it was a weird name for a game.  They said that it is a Maori game with lots of instructions to the game.  We played it, there were all of these words that I can't remember and you had to grab the tags out of the players waists if they had the ball in their hands.  The top things to remember were 1. Only Taniwha can go into the water 2. the runners can't go into the water without the ball 3. you can leap to score 4. you have to have the ball to go in the water if you are not a taniwha.

Wattana wrote 'Ki-O-Rahi' was actually a new game to me and it was really fun and I hope to play it again.  When I started to play I was playing against Taniwha, my team was on offense and the other team was defending.   The offensive team had four main throwers to throw the ball at the bin.  The attacking team has to get the ball and touch the post then run and score a try inside the red cone.

We found these videos (from Youtube) that exmplained how to play the game further.  The first video was created by Sport Waitakere that explains how to play the game.

We also found this example of Ki-O-Rahi being played on horseback! Its been uploaded to Youtube By Sport Northland.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging Aotearoa Meet our buddies...

Quadblogging Aotearoa has just begun and we've been paired up with three other Intermediate Schools.   Two of the classes that are part of our quad are classrooms that we've worked with before - Room 15 from Tawa Intermediate School and 8C from Selwyn House in Christchurch.  You can click on the link to both those class pages here. During this week the students of Room Five are visitng both these pages again and leaving comments on the students work.  We're also preparing an introductory video to introduce our school and introduce areas around our school that we would consider to be special interest. 

This is going to be a general publishing task for our students this week.  We started the brainstorming today and will start the drafting of the script for the shooting of the video footage later in the week.  The third class that we're working with is Room Thirteen.

One of the great things about Quadblogging is that it is going to open up our work to a whole new audience.  We're also able to bring our audience to the classrooms that we're networking with.  Room Thirteen may have only just started working online but we're really excited to have just started networking with them.  We will be visiting all our Quadblogging buddies in the next week, leaving comments and looking forward to the experience.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Maggi Kitchen Showdown: Regional Finalists!

On Friday at assmebly we had special guests - Melville Intermediate were announced as regional finalists in the 2013 Maggi Cook Off Competition.  We were very excited to be finalists again (as we were in 2010).  We had a excellent presenation at assembly and one of our 2013 team, Mandy from Room Twelve, wrote about the event.  Elizabeth from Room Five then conducted a bonus interview with Mandy for this class page.

'The Maggi Kitchen Showdown' is a group of four students who have been choosen to do a Cookoff in a national competition with Maggi and the Erin Simpson show. We got in by coking a bacon and chicken wrap with apricot stuffing, polente bread and balsamic jus'.

  Maggi Announcement 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Elizabeth: Do you like the Kitchen Showdown?
Mandy: Yes, I do, very much.

Elizabeth: If you could choose what you wanted to cook, what would you?
Mandy: Curried Sausages with Rice.

Elizabeth: A little birdie told me that you cooked with David Shearer (Labour Party Leader) did he like your food?
Mandy: Yes, he loved it.

Elizabeth: Do you feel determined (to do your best) or scared (of the competition)?
Mandy: Very determined.

We also recorded the announcement at assembly, which is the video that is posted below - we will keep you informed about the progress in this competition as we build towards the regional finals!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Melvilles Got Talent 2010: Rewind!

One of the big announcement at the Melville Intermediate School Assembly on Friday was that Melville Intermediate had been selected as one of the finalists for the 2013 Maggi Cook Off, the other big announement was that Melville's Got Talent, our 2013 school talent quest, will take place later this term!  To celebrate this fact we're looking back at some of the 'talent' that's been unearthed at Melville Intermediate School in the past.  This rewind looks at the 2010 comeptition, this was the eventual runner up from 2010, Gary with his percussion performance.

Gary had an awesome performance, did a wonderful job but the winners from 2010 were Jada and Ashton performing 'Bubbly'

Friday, June 7, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inter-Intermediate Hockey Tournament

On Thursday 30th May some Melville kids went to Innes Commen for the Inter-Intermediate Hockey tournament. The kids in the Melville team were chosen from our Winter Olympics team.

We left school at about quarter to 9 the morning. The school bus took us. In the Melville team there was Rebbeca, Alanis, Aleesha, Raven, Connor, Bunnarath, Ford, Dennis and I. We played 4 games. We lost all of our games, except for 1. We tied 1 game but we had to do penalty shoot out. Both of the teams had 5 people doing the shoot outs. Our team got 3 goals and the other team got 4 goals. Our goal shooters were Aleesha, Alanis, Ford, Raven and Bunnarath. Aleesha, Ford and Raven got our 3 goals for my team. After our last game we all watched some of the game untill Paul the school bus driver came to pick us up. After all of us were in the bus we went to pick up the soccer people from Jansen Park. Once the roll was done we headed back to school. At the end of the day I think Melville Hockey team went pretty well even though we lost all our games.

By Bianca!

Melville Intermediate Vs. Irn Bru

This afternoon in class Mr Webb posed a challenge to the students of Room Five - we are looking at cultural diversity and have made a great connection with Scotland, but we needed something more.  Not far from our school is a shop called 'Celtic Connections' where they sell a range of all things Scottish, so Mr Webb went there at our schools lunch break to track something special down for the class.

They did have haggis but they also had Irn-Bru  Mr Webb purchased some for the classroom.  We examined it in class, reading the label and looking at the information about it.  We then looked online about Irn-Bru and found out that it was the number one soft drink in Scotland and that in Scotland it is more popular than Coke or Pepsi.

As a class we made predictions about what we thought that it would taste like based on the ingredients and what it said on the label.  We compared it to drinks that we knew about other similar drinks that we have in New Zealand.

Then it was time for the taste test.  Each student had their own cup, was given an amount of Irn-Bru to try if they wanted too.  Everyone in the classroom of 26 opted to try some Irn-Bru.  We then had a round of Irn-Bru trivia with the answers contained in the videos that were posted to us by Lochardil Primary School Class P6/7. 
  R5VsIRNBru 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Cook Island Questions

We're currently studying Cultural Diversity at Melville Intermediate this term, as part of that we're looking for people/students from different cultures to leave comments and respond to our questions.  Levi from Room Five is looking at having someone who is of Cook Island Maori descent answers the following questions.

Melville Intermediate - Vs. Mokoia Intermediate in Rotorua

On Friday the 30th of May the girls basketball team went to Rotorua to compete against other teams. Our first game was at 9:00am and we verses Rotorua Intermediate.  It was a hard game and sadly we lost.   Our second game was against Mokoia Intermedite School and it was a fun game and we won 21 to 8.  Our third game was against Kaitoa it was also a fun game for us and we won 15-0.  Finally our last game was against  Matamata Intermediate.  We were ahead of them by heaps so then we  had to do a thing called mercy and that means we have to go back half way and waite until they get past half way and then we can defend them. All to good luck we came second out of our pool and out of the whole thing we came 3 so horray to the girl basketball team.  Report by Lesieli Room Six.
Vs. Mokoia Intermediate 31st May 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Waikato Soccer.

On Thursday 30th of May 2013 the Waikato Inter Intermediate Competition was held at Jansen Park, in Hillcrest. There were schools from throughout the Waikato competing and Melville Intermediate were the school that were organising the tournament.

We had a boys team and a girls team we are a big group of girls and boys had more people. I played striker and midfeild and there is one goalie. I didnt have a brake at all druing the games I played full games. The boys played first and then it went the girls and then we had our brack and when it was our break. We had some food and then we watched the boys play it looked like they had tough games. The teams were Berkly Middle School,Morrinsville Intermediate,Cambridge Middle School, Fairfield Intermediate, Melivlle Intermediate,Te Awamutu Intermediate, Matamata Intermediate and Peachgrove Intermediate. The boys came 7th. The girls came 7th. We drew with Morrinsville Intermediate. We beat Fairfield Intermediate in the play off for Seventh and Eight one nil and Olivia from Room Thirteen scored the goal. Recount Written by Chloe from Room Five.

This video was filmed by Chloe from Room Five.  It is of the Boys against Te Awamutu Intermediate and playing against Matamata Intermediate School.  Melville Intermediate for this tournament were wearing red shirts, with green shorts and the jerseys had a green collars.

Inter Intermediate Soccer 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate - Mrs Moore and Techie Kids Teach Us Snapguide

The Techie Kids is one of our favourite student sites and last week they created a post about using Snapguide as a way to create things.  We've created similar guides in the past with procedural writing, but haven't used it before - and Jacqueline, one of the Techie Kids created a post about drawing a cartoon elephant.  We were up for the challenge so Room Five followed Snapguide and Jacquis post and these are the pictures that we came up with.  We'd like Jacqulene and the Techie Kids to judge the picture that they think is the best, that followed the steps as mentioned by Snapguide, and tell us who she thinks that the winner is!  The Melville Intermediate School Room Five student who wins will receive a prize in the classroom.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Video Collaboration with LochardilPrimary

Mr Webb wasn't at school on Friday, he was with the Melville Intermediate Girls Basketball team competing in the Kaitoa Middle School Basketball Tournament at the Sports Dome in Rotorua.  When the team returned Mr Webb found a stunning link through our class page! Our new friends from P6/7 Lochardil Primary School  from Iverness in Scotland have already replied to Jamie from Room Five questions with some wonderful comments.  Elizabeth left a further set of questions and Lochardil P6/7 have responded with a wonderful video answering our questions.  You can view their class page here.

Our orginal collaboration started with Jamie who located their class page with a google search - Jamie from Room Five left Lochardil Primary School their first every International comment, even though they'd had over 20,000 visitors! They responded to Jamies questions with some exceptional answers, and then asked us a set of questions so we in turn answered some of thier questions by
creating this video. P6/7 Lochardil Primary then responded to Elizabeth from Room Fives questions by creating the video at the start of this post.

On behalf of Melville Intermediate School I would like to thank all the students and staff of P6/7 Lochardil Primary School for their fantastic collaboration, we've done some in the past but the students of Room Five (and Melville Intermediate) are going to be so excited when they see this on Monday morning in class. Thank you.