Friday, August 30, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Waikato Symphonic Band @ MIS

This is the theme to 'Mission: Impossible' as performed at Melville Intermediate School on Thursday 29th of August by the Waikato Schools Symphonic Band.  Filmed by Chloe from Room Five and edited by Josh from Room Five.
Symponic Band - Mission Impossible from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate Vs. Hamilton Junior High School

On Tuesday 27th of August 2013 a group of Melville Intermediate students went to Tokoroa for the Intermediate Schools Waikato tournament.  There were two groups of students from Melville Intermediate the Y7 team and the 8A team and some extras.   The Year Eights played five games and the Year Seven students played four games because they had a bye.   The Year Eights won two games and lost three games but didn't make it into the finals (it was only the top team).   The year seven team tried their best to win but unfortunatly they didn't.

This video is highlights are from the game between Melville Intermediate School and Hamilton Junior High School.  Filmed by Briar and Biancas Mum and edited by Briar and Bianca. 
Vs.Hamiltion Junor ghigh School 28/813 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Waikato Schools Symphonic Band

On the 29th of August a band named Waikato Schools Symphonic band practises at our school hall every Thursday after school made a performance of a few songs before they went on a big tour around New Zealand. The first song they played was Born this way by Lady Gaga they didnt tell us but im pretty sure most of us figured it out. They also played Mission Impossible, Firework by Katie Perry, and some others i've never herd of before. It was an amazing performance and we hope they go well on their tour.
Born This Way - WSSB 29/8/13 @ MIS from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate - Vs. Te Awamutu Netball 27/8/13

On Tuesday 27th August 2013 the Waikato Inter Intermediate Competititon took place in Tokoroa.  Melville Intermediate had a Y7 and Y8 team in the two competitions.  This is footage of our Y8 Girls playing in their first game against Te Awamutu Intermediate.  Melville are in their traditional Green/Red strip and Te Awamutu are in the Gold and Maroon.  Filmed by Bianca's Mum and edited by Bianca and Briar.

Melville Intermediates Y8 Girls team on Tuesday had wins against Hamilton Junior High School 8-5 and Morrinsville Intermediate 7-6.  They had close losses against Fairfield 5-10, Cambridge Middle School 3-8 and Te Awamutu Intermediate 4-9.   Well done to Maeroa Intermediate who dominated in the final against Cambridge Middle School and won 18-8.
Vs. Te Awamutu Int, Girls Y8 27/8/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Netball Vs. Te Awamutu Int. Y7

This video is highlights of Melville Intermediate Y7 students playing against Te Awamutu Intermediate Y7 students at the Inter Intermediate Waikato Netball Finals at Tokoroa which was held yesterday..  The filming is by Biancas Mum and was edited and put together by Bianca and Briar.

The Melville Intermediate Y7 Girls team had losses against Fairfield Intermediate 2-18, Cambridge Middle School 4-12, Te Awamutu Intermediate 2-13 and Morrinsville Intermediate 2-6.  Our warmest congratulations to Te Awamutu Intermediate who were victorious in the final against Tokoroa 12-7.
TeAwamutuY7 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate - two Students save an Endangered Moth!

On Wednesday 28th August Room Five were returning from the Gym to move onto the Netball Courts.  It was then Harry and Elizabeth made an exciting discovery. they had spotted a large monsterus green thing stuck in a spider web, and they were gobsmacked  at the sight of it. in less than a second a crowed gatherd  around to see the thing.

It was a Puriri Moth.   They are endangered.  They the caterpillars eat the leaves of the Puriri Tree.  Adults only live for two months.  It was 5.1cm long.  Owen and Deighton decided to save the moth and carefully placed it on a garden. It was then released.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Melville Intermediate - 8C's Helpful Video.

Those of you following along as our 'Room with a View' task has developed will have seen us develop our two dimensional model of 8C Selwyn House, Christchurch.  The language of Geometry and the directional use of language have been key features in our developing our understanding of their classroom.  Today we were very pleased to be aware of a video response to our short movie that we posted earlier this week.   Even better than that, instead of simply walking around thier classroom, 8C from Selwyn House has responded with their own two dimensional model of thier classroom! Thanks so much to our friends!

Melville Intermediate - Jamies Minecraft Collaboration

As part of our viewing of the quests from Mr Woods Minecraft Kids Quest Site the students from Room Five were asked to carry out one of the tasks and then write an explanation of the task that they had completed and detail another task that could be created by the site.   This work is written by Jamie from Room Five and the pictures with the post are screen shots of her work.

Learning intention: I am writing explanation for my choices.

1.Minecraft because minecraft is something I enjoyed doing and I always have fun creating houses. My challenge is to make a house for four people which is one one of my favourite things to do on mine craft.
2.My challenge is that im not use to playing on the computer so building this will be different and complicated. The controls are hard too.
3. Yes, I would choose a different Quest because then I will be giving myself a better challenge. Making house’s is fun but next time I would want a bigger challenge.
4. Another Minecraft because its one of my favourite things to do. A new Quest to do would be to make a hospital or something ,more challenging maybe even a hotel. My suggestion is to Make a hospital for at least 10 paitents. With waiting rooms and play areas for the kids. Also with at least 3 storys. This would be educational because I could teach you how to work the hospital and how it works. 

The questions based around this writing were - why did you choose Minecraft, why did you choose the particular challenge, would  you choose a different one, What could be a new quest that you could develop/work on.

Melvlle Intermediate - Is this 8C Selwyn House??

 We've been working on perspective and point of view for Mathematics and using 'Room with a View' from Figure it Out Mathematics Curriculum Level 3.   We've utilized our Quadblogging Aotearoa buddies for this task and we've spent a week asking and questioning about what we think that the classroom looks like.  This process has involved questioning, constructing a two dimensional model from the responses that we've received, constructing a three dimension model based on our two dimensional diagrams and we are in the process of refining/correcting the models.  This is the effort of Jamie and Elizabeth from Room Five.  Is this 8C Selwyn House?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Miriams Magical Moments

Miriams Magical Moments is the invididual student blog of a former student from Mrs Yollis classroom page.   Miriams just returned to school for the 2013/4 school year. 

This is an outstanding individual students blog that is a great example of a someones work.  You can see this wonderful site by clicking here.

Melville Intermediate - Is this 8C Selwyn House?

Today for Mathematics we continued our classroom building process... of our Aotearoa Quadblogging buddies 8C from Selwyn House... today we used cubes to make a three dimensional model of what we think the classroom looks like.  The process has involved detailed questioning, the construction of a 2d model and this is the next stage in the process.  We're looking for feedback from our friends, and then we are looking to refine the model and then publish it in a 3d model in Minecraft.  This video is presented by Damien from Room Five and was filmed in class this morning.  Damien created this as an explanation piece.
Selwyn House 3d Model from myles webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Special Cheer Performance

On Friday at Melville Intermediate School we had a special performance from the Melville Intermediate School Cheer Team.  Fresh back from the Winter Olympics Competition at Totara Springs, Melville Intermediate took the opportunity for our 2013 Winter Olympics Squad to perform thier competition winning cheer to the school.  On Friday the schoo hall was kept open at lunchtime and the Winter Olympics Squad, second overall and Cheer Winnters performed to the class.  This is a video of that performance that was recorded and edited by Chloe from Room Five.
Winter Olympics 2013 MIS Performance from myles webb on Vimeo.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Vs. Maeroa Intermediate Boys Rugby

On Tuesday Melville Intermediate competed in the Open Grade Boys Rugy Waikato Inter Intermediate Competition.  This is footage of the Melville Intermediate Boys playing against Maeroa Intermediate School.  Melville Intermediate were desperate to win having already lost their previous game to Te Awamutu Intermediate, however they faced a formidable Maeroa team who had a significant advantage in the forwards.  Filmed by Miss Land from Room Six.  This was edited and prepared for publishing by Daniel, Levi and Nathan G from Room Five.  Melville are in the Green with red collars, Maeroa are in the Blue and Red.
Vs. Maeroa Intermediate 20/8/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Selwyn House: Class Modelling

Melville Intermediate - What does Selwyn House look like?

 This morning in our class we have been designing 2-D models of 8cs class but we have come across a problem, Lots of us have asked the same questions but we have all been getting different answers so we have no idea at all what theyre classroom loos like. could you please all decide on a set of answers so we can design your classroom.

- How many doors are in the classroom? - some of the students say that there are two doors in the classroom and some have said that there are three.  Elizabeth from Room Five thinks that this is because one of the doors is a double door and the other door is a fire door.  

- How many windows are there in Selwyn House in 8c?  We had two different answers from the students.  Some of the students said that there was seventeen windows and others said that there were nine windows.  We thought that this could have been because some of the windows were double windows.

- Are the desks set out around the teachers desk or in a cluster of four desks? We thought that we were told that all of the desks were in a circle around the teachers desk in the middle and others thought that the desks were in the top left hand corner of the class, in a group.

- Where is the coffee table and the couches in the classroom? We think that they are located in the bottom right hand corner of the classroom (the South East corner) because that's the only space in the classroom that we couldnt allocate.  The middle picture in this series is Elizabeth and Jamie working on a two dimensional map of what they think Selwyn House in Christchurch is like!

Melville Intermediate - A fantastic Quadblogging Aotearoa Collaboration

As part of Geometry this term our students have been excited with the prospect of constructing scale models of other classrooms around New Zealand involving (first) 3d models and then Minecraft.  The students are currently at the questioning stage.  Thanks to our friends at Tawa Intermediate, Selwyn House in Christchurch and Mt Pleasant School our students have left comments on their class or individual blogs and sought information about the classroom layout. 

Already the activity is paying learning dividends because a number of our students have realised that their questions need to be more detailed and more direct so that the 2d plan of the layout can be more accurate.  The great thing about the blogging aspect
of this is that an online conversation between the students is being recorded in the commenting that is going to allow its progression and development to be easily monitored.   In the next few days we should complete our students two dimensional drafts which we are then going to send to our Aotearoa Quadblogging buddies.  From there the learning communication and conversations should develop further.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Rugby Union Vs. Te Awamutu Intermediate

Today Melville Intermediate was one of three teams competing in the Waikato Inter Intermediate Open Grade Rugby Competition.  The tournament was held in Matamata and featured Maeroa Intermediate, Te Awamutu Intermediate and Melville Intermediate.   Melville had played Te Awamutu in Open Grade Boys League and knew they would have to play thier best.  Melville are in their Green jerseys with red collars, filmed at the tournament and edited by Levi and Nathan G. 
Boys Rugby Vs. Te Awamutu Intermediate 20/8/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate - Winter Olympics Recount Daniel

On Monday the 12th – Friday the 16th I and 35 other student went to a sports camp at Totara Springs in Matamata NZ to represent Melville Intermediate School. When I first arrived at Totara Springs. When I M.I.S arrived at Totora springs we had to stay in the bus for little bit, then finally we got to go set a up our beds and unpack our things in our dorms for the week, There were two Boys dorms for Melville intermediate. After we unpacked our things the cross country runners had to get ready as well as the archery, shooters and the golfers.  First the cross country runners  ran and it was very long & very close but only kid from Melville managed to get in the top 8. Then the Archery, shooters and 
 golfers and both golfers managed to come 2nd. After that the swimmers at to get changed only one person from Melville came 2nd in boys breaststroke which was me.  Later that day we had dinner then we played scramball we came 1st equal with Te Puke.

Day 2: In the morning we had to get up and have breakfast which then that’s when the sports really started I was in 3 different sports four the day for me first I played rugby we won that game then my second rugby game had started a hour later we just managed to win, after rugby I had a soccer game and I was goalie we versed Murrays bay dolphins we lost 0-1 that was a tough game. The last game of the morning & afternoon was my basketball game we versed Murrays Bay Dolphins we managed to beat them 32-9, Then we had dinner it was nice. The last games were boys indoor hockey, girls indoor hockey and table tennis. Melville won boys and girls indoor hockey.

On Wednesday was the day I played the most sports 4 Indoor Soccer games two soccer games two basketball games and 1 rugby game. My second soccer game started we versed Henderson we lost 2-1 that game we thought were going to draw, then my third rugby game started we won and I scored a try! Then it was lunch we had fish burgers which was very nice and gave me energy. My next game was my second basketball game we won again! Then my was my third in final soccer game against Murrays Bay sharks we sadly lost 0-6 My last sport for the Afternoon & morning was my third basketball game which was against Henderson we won again ! Shortly after that game we had a delicious dinner. After dinner the night sports had started which was bowls and indoor soccer which I was in we lost all 4 games sadly but I still enjoyed it.

Thursday was the semis and finals day first we had breakfast I had everything because I needed heaps of energy. My first sport was rugby we versed Murrays Bay sharks in the semis we beat them so we would be going to the finals for rugby. Later that day I had the boys basketball  we beat Murrays Bay Dolphins 22-19 that was a good come back from a 22 point loss but we still won.  Straight after boys basketball I had rugby finals we lost to Henderson it was a very hard game. Later that day  Melville was coming 2nd  a lot so when the finals came for boys basketball I want to win very bad, and managed to bet Murrays Bay Sharks in the finals. After winning Melville got to have a swim in the swimming pool for 30 minutes.

On the last day of sports camp we had to pack up all our stuff, then we had breakfast after breakfast all the school had athletics which was a little boring, after athletics we had prize giving Melville came 2nd overall we won 8 trophy’s and came 2nd in 8 other things I really enjoyed  sport camp did not want go home   

Monday, August 19, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging/Minecraft Collaboration

This term in class we're looking at Geometry as our major subject in Mathematics.  Currently were working on a variety of tasks, one of which is from Figure It Out Geometry, Level Three.  In this task
'Room With A View' (which is from page thirteen if you've got the book in front of you).  Requires you to model a classroom using a speaker phone and reconstruct the classroom through the instructions of the person that you've spoken to.

We thought we'd take it one step further.  We've left comments to our Aotearoa Quadbloggoing Buddy Classes to ask for help with this.  We're going to use the contacts that we made with Selwyn House, Mt Pleasant School and Tawa Intermediate.  We've either left comments or are leaving comments that will give us enough information to construct models using Geometric language.  Over the next week we'll receive replies from our Quadblogging buddies, and then we'll construct the classroom based on our replies.  The construction of the classroom is taking two forms - we're going to draw it, what we think it is like, construct a model of the class, and top it off by building the classroom belonging to our buddies in Minecraft.  We're then going to share the models with the students who are in the classrooms.  A great collaboration that we'll keep updating in the next week and a bit!

Melville Intermediate - Biancas Winter Olympic Recount

Winter Olympics!
Day 1:
On Monday the 12th August 2013 36 students including me went to Totara Springs, Matamata to represent Melville Intermediate in our Winter Olympics Sports Camp.  We stayed there from Monday-Friday the 16th August. When the bus got to camp everyone was so excited. When we hoped out of the bus there was a man with a video recording us getting out so then he could put it on the daily highlights of the week. After everyone got their bags we went to our cabins where we set up our beds. There were 2 rooms for the girls. In my room there was Bria, Aleesha, Alanis and I and everyone else was in the other room. In my room there were 2 beds and 1 bunk bed and in the other room there were 6 bunks. After everyone was set up the cross-country runners had to get ready for their run. After the cross-country the golfers, archery and shooters had to get ready. The cross-country track was long but only 1 kid from Melville got in the top 10. Both of the golfers came 2nd. After all of that we had to go to the swimming pool for the swimmers. For swimming we came 2nd in boys breaststroke.  Later that night after dinner we played Scramball. We got 1st equal with Te Puke.
 Day 2:
In the morning after we had breakfast all of the sports started. I was in about 3 sports for that day. We won our netball 12-8 we played Te Puke, we won our touch and we won 1 game of tennis and we lost 1 game but we made it to the semi finals. After lunch we had Boys and Girls basketball and soccer. We won boys basketball and we won girls basketball for that day and we won soccer for that day as well. After dinner we had indoor hockey Boys and Girls, Tennis semi finals, chess, draughts and Boys Table Tennis. Both Boys and Girls won their indoor hockey, We had to postpone our tennis game because it was poring down with rain even though the score was 4-2 to the other team and the boys in table tennis made it into the semi finals but didn’t win their game so we didn’t end up in the finals.

Day 3:
On Wednesday morning after breakfast I straight away had to go get ready for my tennis game that we had to finish. We ended up loosing the semi finals but we were happy that we made it that far. After my tennis game I had to get changed into my netball top so then I could play my games of netball that I had. My first game of netball that I had that morning we lost our game. After that game I had a second game that I had to play but we got thrashed. We also had rugby which we won, boys volleyball which we won, girls basketball which we won, Touch which we lost, soccer which we lost, girls volleyball which we won, boys basketball which we won. After lunch we had boy’s hockey, wallball, softball, boy’s basketball, croquet, girl’s hockey, softball, petanque, girl’s basketball, and soccer. We won boy’s basketball, wallball, softball, croquet and girl’s basketball. After dinner we had indoor soccer, Girls table tennis, and bowls.

Day 4:
On Thursday after breakfast and lunch we had all of the semis and the final games. So on that day there was Rugby, Touch, Netball, Wallball, Boys hockey, Girls volleyball, Boys basketball and Girls basketball. I was playing Touch and Netball. We won out touch so we got into the finals but then we lost the finals. We lost our netball because we weren’t even trying. After dinner we had the cheer teams, darts, girl’s basketball final, caged soccer, boys’ basketball final and girls’ volleyball final. We won the boys basketball, the cheer and we also won the girls volleyball. It was a long night in the end.

Day 5:
When I woke up I thought oh man it’s the last day of Winter Olympics. I get up and pack all of my bags up once I had finished that we went for breakfast after breakfast we went back to our rooms for the last clean up to make sure we had everything all packed in our bag. When that was finished we went and put our bags in the chapel where we meet before the athletics started. For athletics there was javelin, discus, jumping and shot-put. I did the jumping one because I wanted to do something. After athletics it was time for lunch. We had a good lunch break. After the break we had prize giving. We ended up winning 8 trophies and we won 7 certificates for runner-up. We made it into 12 semi finals and ended up in about 10 final. It was a really long tiring week but we made it through with a few injures including me but we still got through it all. I would love to do it again another time.
By Bianca.    

Friday, August 16, 2013

Melville Intermediate - R5 Tangram Creation Competition.

Were currently studying Geometry at Melville Intermediate School this term for Mathematics.  One of our tasks today was to have a competition to create the most intesting shape possible with the tangram shape that we had. Students only had five minutes from start to finish to create, prepare the shape and then photograph it.   These are the results.

Melville Intermediate Vs. Murrays Bay Intermediate

Finals night last night from the Winter Olympics 2013 competition saw the Melville Intermediate School teams contesting both the Girls and Boys Basketball finals.   Melville Intermediates Girls took on Murrays Bay in an incredibly close game - a four point half time lead to Murrays Bay saw a single point seperating both teams at full time.  Great preparation for the Melville Intermediate School team which is competing at the NZAIMS Games in Tauranga later this term. 
Winter Olympics Girls Basketball Finals 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate - Winter Olympics Cheer 2013

All this week students from Melville Intermediate School have been competing against Murrays Bay Intermediate, Te Puke Intermediate, Glen Eden Intermediate and Henderson Intermediate at the Winter Olympics Sports Camp in Totara Springs, Matamata.  Its been a full on week of competition for the 37 strong Melville team which culminated last night in the Cheer performance and finals night.  Melville Intermediates 2013 Cheer is below.
Winter Olympics Cheer 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Saitama students in Room Five

Melville Intermediate - Cultural Exchange with Saitama City

We are very lucky to have a group of students from Saitama City in Japan visiting with us this week.  Yesterday we had a large sports exchange with the students - nearly three hundred combined from both Saitama City and Melville Intermediate.  We also had class cultural exchanges on Monday afternoon of the 12th of August.  Footage from that event was recorded by Jamie and Wattana from Room Five.
Saitama City 12/8/13 Cultural Exchange Part One from myles webb on Vimeo.
My buddys name is Shino. My buddy is very cool she is a person that will try anything she is very pretty. She gave me a badge it says Hamilton with the New Zealand  flag and Saitama with the Japanese flag. We had a sports day yesterday and my buddy did everything and she enjoyed it. I gave her a present it was a t-shirt with a kiwi on it but it but it was a key ring and I gave her a kiwi but it was a key ring.  Chloe, Room Five,
At Melville Intermediate we hosted some Japanese students from Saitama in Japan we had this sport block where we had to do a sport with these students. First we played some touch rugby with them and we first taught them how to play the game and we sorted out the teams when they were sorted we started to play the game I passed it to one of the students He ran forward and then ran back because he was scared that he was going to get tug. When he was tug he passed it to Nichola and she ran and we scored the game went very quickly it was disappointing because it went to fast but it has been an enjoyable experience with the Saitama students this year they have taught me a lot like give things a go! Nathan H, Room Five.