Monday, June 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Good Luck to R5 students in tomorrows Challenge

Tomorrow see's five students from Room Five start their day at 7:00am in the morning - the students are meeting tomorrow at the Claudelands Area - their day will finish a 10:00pm with the Waikato Stage Challenge Finals for 2013.  Melville Intermediate has never been involved in the Stage Challenge before but this year our students have combined with Melville High School.
Its been a huge amount of work for the students with rehearsals every week since the start of the year, and recently rehearsals have been three or four times a week.  It all comes down to tomorrows performance.  Today we go to see the final dress rehearsal at Melville High School - we of course can't post that video until tomorrow, but we want to wish Elizabeth, Bianca, Jamie, Damien and Deighton the very best of luck - see you all Wednesday. 

Stage Challenge 2013 on PhotoPeach


  1. Hey room 5,

    Good luck to everyone who is participating!

    From Ella

  2. Good luck Melville!

    - Sarah Be from 8C

  3. Hi Room 5,

    The costumes look amazing! In Christchurch we also have Stage Challenge this year Burnside High won it. What is your favourite part of Stage Challenge?

    Charlotte 8C Selwyn House School, Christchurch, New Zealand

    1. Hi,
      Our favourite part of Stage challenge would have to be all the practices and the actual day. We had an awesome time and we were all so happy in the end when we won!

      Bianca and Jamie

  4. Hi Room 5

    The best of luck!! We dont do anything like that at our school as we do a production. Its looks like fun and im look foward to be doing something like in high school next year.

    Nadia 8C

  5. Hi Room 5

    Stage challenge looks really amazing. I love all the costumes they look so awesome. My friends at Rangi RuRu did stage challenge and they did Alice in wonderland they all did really well. At my school we do a production every two years this year we are doing Once Upon a Mattress it is a twist on the princess and the pea it is so much fun learning all the dances and I love all the acting! Good luck for the stage challenge finals.

    Alice 8C Selwyn House

  6. Hi Myles,
    That looks like fun!
    Hope you enjoyed it!
    Chelsea from 8C

  7. Dear room 5,

    I really like your performance. I'd never heard of stage challenge until this. What was it like? What was the performance based on?

    8C happenings.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      It was really fun and loud with kids screaming. Our performance was about the creation of the earth. we all had a great time and all enjoyed it so much.

      From Bianca and Jamie