Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Melville Intermediate: Survivor Melville 2012 Cast Announced!

Shortly we will begin the filming for our epic tribute show 'Melville Survivor'.   There are ten contestants for our 2012 show, one each from the ten classrooms at Melville Intermediate School.   The following video shot by Veronica and Bianca is the official announcement of who the contestants will be for this years series.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Melville Intermediate - School Singing Group

On Friday 21st September 2012 Melville Intermediate School students were during assembly given the opportunity to hear some of the acts again from our 2012 School musical production 'Clowning Around'.  This performance was of one of the musical numbers, the Melville Intermediate School singing group singing 'On Top of the World'.  Mr Bell, our music teacher is on keyboards.  Filmed by Joey from Room Five.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Sam and Nick: Lunch Orders Around the School

Sam and Nick lunch orders around the school on PhotoPeach

Melville Intermediate Vs. the Knox School

This game is the highlights from the 3rd/4th play off between Melville Intermediate School from Hamilton, New Zealand and the Knox School from Melbourne, Australia for the bronze medal at the 2012 NZAIMS games, played on Thursday 13th September at the TECT Arena at Baypark Mt Manganui, Tauranga.  The Knox are in white Melville are in their traditional red and green.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Duck Calling with Kellen R2

Today in Room Five we had some special guests, one of whom was Kellen from Room Two.  Kellen was keen to demonstrate to the classroom his Duck Calling techniques as Kellen has been involved in Duck Shooting.   While he was keen to demonstrate this to the classroom Mr Webb had an even better idea to send Ryan with a camera to an area of the school and have Kellen prepare a video to show everyone, not just in Room Five, but our visitors from around New Zealand the world what he can do.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Melville Intermediate - R12 Class Item for Show

All of the students of Room Twelve were involved in Melville Intermediate School production, which was an amazing class performance. Those of you who were able to witness the shows, nearly 1200 of you, would have been amazed by the efforts of Mrs Wilson and her class. Those of you who didn't make it for the entire show, you can witness some of the wonderful highlights now. Filmed by Manish from Room Twelve, as Nick was up on stage on Thursday 6th September.

Melville Intermediate - AIMS 2012 Games Summary

Melville Intermediate 2012 NZAIMS Games results started on Monday 10th September 2012. The Melville Intermediate Schools Girls Basketball Teams first game was against The Knox School from Melbourne.  It was an incredibly close game, going down to the last thirty seconds, the Knox however emerged victorious winning 32-34.  Melville then had to pick them up for an afternoon game against Te Kura o Moana Tauranga.  Melville scored their first win of the competition 41-10.  Knowing that the quarter finals could be reached with two wins on Tuesday the Melville team were desperate for good performances against Ross Intermediate from New Plymouth and Bethlehem College.  Ross were defeated in the morning 34-9 and Bethlehem College were beaten 55-6.

This left Melville Intermediate as runners up in pool b, facing a play off game against one of the tournament hosts, the unbeaten Tauranga Intermediate School.  In a quarter final that was tied 14-14 at half time Melville proved to strong for Tauranga, knocking them out for the second consecutive year in the quater finals this time 30-23.

Melville had then the sternest of challenges in the Semi-Finals, Kaitoa Middle School from Rotorua.   We'd played Kaitoa in their Rotorua Tournament in June, and lost by a point, however Kaitoa were dominating this years AIMS tournament winning their games by huge margins.  It wasn't meant to be for Melville, Kaitoa, the eventual NZAIMS Champions, running away with the game 30-47. 

That left Melville with a final game for 2012 for third and fourth place, against The Knox School from Melbourne.  Both teams were desperate for the medals that came with third place, and while there was only six points in the game at half time, Melville Intermediate were able to win convincingly 38-22 making them third for 2012.  Kobe Hawea as a result of her outstanding play throughout the tournament was named in the tournament team, a feat that she repeated from 2011.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Melville Intermediate - NZAIMS Games Bronze Medalists

Melville Intermediate - CPA as part of school show!

All year our famous Cultural Performing Arts Group (CPA) have been rehearsing preparing for their end of year performances.  We have had a strong cultural group that has in the past few years performed throughout the country and in Australia.  This year there are again a series of cultural sections, Maori, Cook Island, Samoan and Hawaiian.   As part of our 2012 School Musical Production 'Clowning Around' the CPA performed the Samoan Sasa in full costume, if you were there on September 6th you would have been in awe of the performance, if not, then you are able to view the highlights of that performance, filmed by Nick from Room Twelve, assisted by Mannish from Room Five.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Clowning Around 2012 Production

On Wednesday 5th of September and Thursday 6th of September Melville Intermediate held their 2012 Musical Production 'Clowning Around'.  There were two main evening performances held in our school hall.  Students of Melville Intermediate (over 100) were involved in every aspect of the production.  This highlights video shot by Nick from Room 12 is of the acrobats performance as part of the Thursday night show.  A DVD of the whole school is going to be available at the school office.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Melville Intermediate - School Production Finale

We had nearly 1/3 of the students of Melville Intermediate School involved in our 2012 School Production, called 'Clowning Around'.  An amazing effort with five huge performances at the school hall.   The show on Thursday 6th September culminated with Kyla from Room Twelve singing 'Hero'.   Nick from Room Twelve, with assistance from Mannish from Room Five was on filming duties.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Melville Intermediate - NZAIMS Games are here!

Finally after over a year of preparation later today the 2012 NZAIMS Games start in Tauranga. Melville Intermediate School will be there contesting the Girls Basketball competition.  We are playing games at the Baypark TECT Arena against the Knox School from Melbourne tomorrow at 11:00am and against Orewa College at 5:00pm.  On Tuesday Melville Intermediate take on Ross Intermediate from New Plymouth at 11:00am and Bethlehem College at 2:00pm.  Follow that there are two days of scheduled play offs and games.  We will be updating scores and details on this page as much as possible.  Mr Webb will be on site for the duration of the tournament so we will update our postings on this page (including our school musical performances, from 'Clowning Around') when he gets back.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Girls Basketball

As Melville Intermediate arrived at Te Awamutu we were pumped to play our first game of the day.  We all walked inside to see a lot of teams from Cambrige, Tokoroa and much more schools were also there.  Our first game was against Cambrige Middle School.   It was a really good game against them but eventually we  defeated them with a good impression of a win 16-6.  Then next came up Peachgrove Intermediate.  They were really challenging to come up against they got a few goals but the girls won with a score of 14-12.  The girls were really trying to get to the finals then we came up against Te Awamutu Intermediate and we won 8-4 to be undefeated  after pool play.  The girls the won there semi final against Berkley and won 18-2.  We had made it into the final against Matamata Intermediate.  The first half was so close but Melville held the lead 8-4.  In the next half the girls played excellent and won the tournament defeating Matamata Intermediate 14-12.  We were the only team to score any points against them. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Coltons Science Technology Recount

I was in science, the teacher was Mrs Taylor.  We were learning about the human body.  First we learnt about the bones and the skeleton of the human body.  The next day we learnt about the human heart.  We tried to find out our pulse on our wrist and see how many times our heart beats in a minute.

We started running around getting out hearts pumping.  We checked our pulse again and our hearts were beating much faster.  My average heart beats 46 times a minute but after running around for thirty seconds it was beating 73 times a minute.

We learnt more about the human body and skeleton.  Mrs Taylor passed around some cow bones.  It was the bones of a cows shoulder, shoulder blade and thigh bone.

Report by Colton, Room One, guesting in Room Five for today.

Melville Intermediate - Kayla Student Council Recount

Two lucky kids got picked  for student council and it Kayla which was me and Sam he is in our class so now we have meetings in the afternoon when RRR time and Thursday  and we discuss things what people will like  to have in or school what will be appropriated like the canteen

My  feeling for student council when Mr Webb said Kayla and Sam will be stunted council I was happy so that means I have to respectful and flowing the 4 main virtues  everywhere I am.

We get more things to day like go on more trips and more things to day like run things like rubbish duty.

Melville Intermediate - Jozarn's Skateboarding Recount

Hi I’m Jozarn Herewini-Kaa and my favorite hobby is skateboarding. I have been skateboarding since I was five years old. I am eleven now and I think I am pretty good, some of my favorite skate board tricks are hard flips, kick flips, trey flips and impossible.
Rodney Mullen is my favorite skateboard Idol he can do some wicked skateboard moves like primo, hard flip, grinding, nose grab, and heaps of other moves. He is the king at skateboarding but he is retired.

Melville Intermediate - Cheer for Clowning Around

On Wednesday 5th September Melville Intermediates Cheer Team team had to be in two places at once.  Competing in the Waikato Inter Intermediate Basketball finals and also performing the 'Cheer' as part of the 'Clowning Around' school production - the solution, a special performance filmed by Brae the day before of the cheer shown at the matinee!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Melville Intermediate - R12 Item for School Production

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Basketball 2012

Today Melville Intermediate competed in the Waikato Inter Intermediate Basketball Competition for 2012 held at the Te Awamutu Events Centre.  The Melville Boys found the going a little tough, losing to Te Awamutu Intermediate first up 15-24, before drawing with Cambridge 8-8.  They then lost to Tokoroa Intermediate 2-12 before finishing up against semi-finalists Peachgrove Intermediate School and beating them 14-10.   The Boys finished 5th overall.

The Girls were unbeaten for the tournament.  They defeated Cambridge Middle School in the first game 12-6, before defeating defending champions Peachgrove Intermediate School 14-12.  They then took on Te Awamutu Intermediate and defeated them 8-4.  This put Melville into the Semi-Final against Berkley Middle School.  Melville defeated them 18-2 to book a place in the final against Matamata Intermediate.  Matamata went into the final with some amazing stats- they had not conceded a point in any game, and the final was a closely fought affair.  It was 8-4 to Melville at half time and in the second half Melville were able to claim the slenderest of wins 14-12.  This makes Melville the 2012 Waikato Champions and is a fantastic build up to the NZAIMS Tournament which starts this Sunday!
This Footage above, filmed by Levi from Room Five is of the Girls competing against Berkley School in the Semi-Final.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Melville Intermediate - 4th September Matinee

Melville Intermediate - Clowning Around Mantinee

Today at school we held the first performance of our 2012 major School Musical: Clowning Around.  For the next few days there will be a series of shows during the morning and afternoon.  The students involved have put in a phenomenal amount of effort.  Today we had our first performance.   This footage is of some of the dancers from Room Five in the awesome production.  Filmed by Brae at Melville Intermediate on Tuesday 4th September 2012.