Thursday, January 31, 2013

day 1 2013 - slide show
On Wednesday the 30th January Jackie, Nicole and Bianca went around the school and took some random photos. We took turns at taking photos. We did this so then people around the world can see what parts of our school look like. It was the first day of school for 2013. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Ireland Collaboration

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As part of our school holidays Mr Webb was busy keeping our class page up-to-date and making sure that he was looking for lots of interesting class pages for us to visit.  One of these pages that was discovered was in Ireland.  If Only the Best Birds Sang is the 2nd Year Room Six Blog.  While the students might be a bit younger than those at Melville Intermediate the work that they are producing is fantastic! We've heard already from their teacher and we received this comment from them.

'Thank you for your message. We are fascinated by the Maori Mihi. We suppose every culture must have their own way of greeting one another and introducing one’s self. We thought the Maori way was very special.

After hearing about the Maori Mihi we talked about how Irish people greet one another and tell people about themselves. Like the Maori people the Irish people try to speak their own language (Irish/Gaeilge/Gaelic) as well as English.

We are doing a little work on this that we will send your way. It will have been somewhat influenced by your lovely Maori custom.'

Today in class in preparation for this collaboration we held a collective brainstorm session to see what the class knew about Ireland. None of the students in Room Five have ever been to Ireland, although Levi's Nan has been there on holiday and brought a t-shirt.

We discovered that we knew the following information about Ireland
1. Dublin is the capital of Ireland.
2. You can kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland and it gives you good luck.
3. Glenview Primary School last year for their school production had dances from around the world and one of the dancing acts that was Irish and the performers danced an Irish jig.  Damien was in the audience and said that the dancers moved their legs from side to side.
4.We think that they have lots of pubs
5. Potatoes has something to do with Ireland
6. The Titanic was built in Ireland, Levi's Nan went to Ireland for a holiday and as a result of that trip she brought a t-shirt that had that fact upon it.
7. Fairies and Leprechauns are creatures from Ireland.

 Our Room Five Ireland Brainstorm Wednesday 30th January 2013.

Melville Intermediate - Room 5 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Jamies Activity Week Girls Stuff

Jamie from Room Five's Recount About the start of Activity Week 2012: Thanks for your visit, we will be returning to School later this week (Wednesday is the first day of school for 2013) and we will be fully available from there.
Activity week was on the 14th of November to the 16th of November. There were ten different groups you got to choose which one you most wanted to go to then the second then the third. I was in girls stuff. We had a great time! Here are some things we did.  Day 1: Wednesday was really fun; we made one thing each block. In the first block we made bath bombs. Bianca and I paired up and we made our bath bombs orange. They were meant to be yellow, but I guess we put too much colour in. we had to cut two tea bags open and sprinkle the tea in. we picked cranberry and strawberry tea. Mrs. de waard told us to put essence in as well so Bianca picked lemon essence. After we mixed it together, we got a paua shell that had glad wrap all around it as well as an egg carton each. Both of us sprinkled our mix into our paua shells and egg cartons and left them to set over night. In second block everyone made a friendship bracelet each. I TOOK AGES TO GET OUR COLOURS and to cut them the right length. I made a friendship bracelet called swirl as I go. Everyone wanted to do them at morning tea time but we couldn’t because we had to go outside. In third block we made icing sculptures for our muffins the next day. We picked our colour of icing and first we made a rose. It was tricky but we managed to make a really good one. There were cutters, shapes and knifes we could use to make our icing sculptures. We made heaps and had fun that day.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Acitivity Week Recont Douglas

On Wednesday the 14th was the start of activity week. On Wednesday morning I first went to the science room so we can start the day. Wednesday morning I had amazing race. The 1st activity on amazing race was I had to go to the other side of the tech courts on stilts. For some reason I got the broken pair of stilts. The 2nd activity was we had to eat and swallow dried weetbix it was very hard to swallow. The 3rd activity of amazing race was we had to build a pyramid out of cards it was hard because I kept on blowing on it. And the last activity (bonus) was we had to walk across the tech courts as we are on news paper if we touched the ground with our feet we have to run back to the start. In the middle block I had to do some experiments. The first experiment was to pure in milk into a bowl and then put food coloring in and then get a ear bud then dip it into some dishwashing liquid then I had to put the ear bud into the center of the bowl and then it did some cool patterns. The 2nd experiment was we had to put mint into coke. It was very cool and yum. When we finished the experiment I got to drink the minty coke and get to eat the mint. The 3rd experiment was we had to make a traffic light made out of liquid. It was weird and fun and smelly it smelt like corn. In the after noon I went to the cooking room and made some hokey pokey it was super yum and I just figured out how to make hokey pokey.

On Thursday I went to my activity week class and we first had free time we went to the computer lab and I was allowed to played games or watched funny videos. In the middle block I made salt dough (play dough) and my salt dough was a pizza. It felt icky and sticky and it was fun making a pizza. First I mad the base of the pizza then I made the pepperoni, mushroom and the bacon strips. In the afternoon we went to the pools and it was very fun and wet.

On Friday morning we had to make a yummy breakfast. Before we made the breakfast we had to go to the art room and get our salt dough. When we got the salt dough we went to the cooking room and put the salt dough in the oven and wait for it to heat up. The food we got was 2 sausages 2 hash browns 1 small egg and a half a can of spaghetti it was super duper yum. In the middle block we got our salt dough and it was very hard then we started to paint it. I painted my pizza base yellowy red my bacon strips was pink my mushroom was light gray and my pepperoni was red. After a while the paint dried when the lunch bell rang. In the afternoon we had a movie and it was diary of a wimp kid.         

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Activity Week Sarah 2012

 Our final written task of 2012 was for students to complete recounts about school activity week and the highlights of the year.  This is an activity week recount written by Sarah from room Five.

On Wednesday the 14th of November our school had activity week. I was in Wax Water Wings with my friends Gemma and Kylie. It was called Wax Water Wings because Wax was candle making, Water was swimming and Wings was kite flying but we didn’t do it.
On the first day, we came to school in mufti which was good. We made some candles out of bees wax and wick. Wick is the string thing that goes inside the candle so it can be lit. The candles smelt like honey so that was good, after lunch we went to Gallagher pools where we got to swim and have free time. I liked swimming, and it was a really quick walk. 

It was really fun on that day because we got to play at school so we could play by the music room. On the second day we got to swim for most of that day so that was really awesome. We still made candles and played. At the pools Kylie, Gemma and I were swimming around having so much fun it was really cool.

 On the last day it was my birthday so that was cool it was like I was having a birthday party at the pools. When we were at the pools we were in the changing rooms and we saw something really gross so we all screamed and we got in big trouble, so that was bad. It was still a really awesome activity and I really enjoyed it. When it was the end of the day we got to take home some wick and a big sheet of wax which was cool. At home I still make lots of candles and I used some for my birthday candles. It was really fun and I would like to do it again!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Melville Intermediate - New Town Kapai Kiwis

Miss Lologa has been a big supporter of our class pages over the past few years.  She originally made contact with our class when she was still working in Wellington.  Now she is working in the United States of America. 

Her class have a wonderful class page here and have recently published a wonderful series of videos about inventions and innovations in North Carolina (where she teaches in the USA) and New Zealand.   You can click on this link to view the work.

To show you a wonderful example of their work, this some examples of their work.  This is only the second time in four years that we've embedded another teacher/classrooms work on this site - but it so deserves it.  If you have a spare moment please go and comment and view their wonderful work.

If you are a student from Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, and you are on the holidays if you go and leave a comment before the end of the school holidays at Miss Lologa class page, you qualify yourself for a special prize that can be redeemed once school starts in 2013.  Don't forget the regular Room Five commenting rules - it maybe the school holidays but the rules still apply.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Unknown South H Town

Melville Intermediates 2012 school band who won the Waikato wide Pulse Battle of the Bands competition was 'Unknown'.  They performed throughout the year at a variety of venues and did an amazing job as ambassadors for Melville Intermediate School.  This is the final highlights from the 2012 South H-Town Talent Quest are of Unknown performing nearly their last shows of 2012.  They are here performing 'Perfect' by Fairground Attraction the song that won them the Pulse competiton.
UnknownSouthHtownFinalePart1 from myles webb on Vimeo.
The second and final highlight of the show was 'Unknown' performing 'Sun Goes Down' as with all other highlights from the show filmed by Whaea Shervan at the show.
UnknownSouthHTownFinalPart2 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Elizabeths Activity Week Recount

Activity Week 2012
Out and About
Activity Week was on the 14th, 15th and 16th of November. There were 10 groups and they were all different. There was girls stuff, Out and About, Work Hard Play Harder, Maori arts and crafts and lots more that sounded really fun!
Day :
Day 1 was a BLAST! I had so much fun I couldn’t stop smiling! In first block, I made Cheese scones and Mrs. Patterson’s Magic Muffins. The muffins were DELICIOUS and the scones were SCRUMCIOUS. In second block a lovely lady called Runu, (who comes from Glenview Primary School) helped us to make these really pretty things that are made out of this play-dough type of stuff, but it isn’t play-dough because you can bake it. Runu also taught us to make flower burrats. For lunch we had made Pizza and it was SOOO yummy! In third block I made al 3 things that were meant to be made the next day! J They were my T-shirt, my garden tile and a box to put my Jewelry in.
Day ❷:
In the morning of Day 2, we started scrapbooking our Activity week books and they really started to look Awesome. J About an hour later we were on the bus and heading to some Art Galleries. For lunch that day we had McDonalds and I think that was my Favorite part because when we were eating at our table, Asinate walked away to get something and she left her coke at our table and suddenly the cleaning lady came along and took Asinate’s drink and put it in the bin and Asinate hadn’t of even had a sip yet!J It was Hysterical!
Day :
Day 3 was just as awesome as Day 1 and 2! The first thing we did was go to Waitakaruru Sculpture Park and looked at all their awesome sculptures. After that we had a 45 minute drive to Te Aroha where we went for a swim. My favorite part was the Spa Pool It was so warm and relaxing I was in there for about a quarter of the time!
My Overall comment was those 3 days were the most SCRUMCIOUS, YUMMY, FUN, FANTASTIC and AWESOME days ever!! JJJ 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Saitama Buddy Recout

Each year at Melville Intermediate School we are lucky to have regular visitors from different countries who come to our school.  One of the groups are students from Saitama City in Japan.  Room Five students hosted several of these this year and Jamie wrote about her buddy experience in this recount of 2012.

The Saitama Buddies

We walked into the hall in our class lines and sat down quietly. We were getting ready for the Saitama students from Japan to come into our hall for the welcoming. We practiced a couple of songs then the welcoming began.

The Saitama buddies walked into the hall and sat down quietly. We sang songs and Mr Cooke welcomed them to Melville Intermediate. The welcoming started at 1:30 and finished at 3:00. We had a great time meeting them. The next day we came to school and when 9:00 hit the clock we were off to the design room to meet our buddies. When I was at the front of the line I knew which one was for me she was pretty, looked like she had some awesome hobbies and guess what….. She was my buddy. In my head I was just like YES. She was perfect. I showed her around the school and she told me her name was Momoko. Then I told her that it was such a beautiful name. We talked about our hobbies and favourite things. Once I had showed her around our school I took her back to my class. We rearranged the desks so everyone could sit down. Then we started to talk about Japan and what things represent their country like the Kiwi represents our country. The bell rung so we could eat. After interval they had to go back to the design room. The next day they didn’t come to class so we just had a normal day, and on Monday Momoko was in the hospital and had a bad fever. But we still had a great time together.

I will never forget Momoko. She was such a lovely person.

By Jamie