PrEP Resources from MIS

PrEP is the Primary Enterprize Program.   PrEP culminates in a market day held at Melville Intermediate School each year, this year its being held on October 24th.   These pages are the resources from PrEP of the past.

You can see the advertisment created by 'Pie or Penalty' from 2010.

There were a series of videos taken from the Market Day in 2011 by Mr Bell that highlighted the stalls and the goods on sale.  The first video is here.   The second video is here.  The third video can be located here.  Shaylee wrote this recount about here 'Spookers Business'.  Jenna wrote this about her experiences.  The final highlights video from 2011 can be viewed here.

You can read a recount written about PrEP by Asinate who was in R5 in 2012.  You can read a recount written by Levi in 2012 here. Brent wrote this 2012 recount.  You can view this video from PrEP 2012.  You can view slideshows from PrEP in 2012 here.  You can see other slideshows here. 
You can see additional work

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