Thursday, June 20, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Tawa Intermediate Student Posts to Visit

One of our Quadblogging Buddies - Tawa Intermediate School from Wellingont have posted about the individual student blogs that people from their class have, and recommended some posts.  The orginal post is from this site here.  You can also click on the link below to the individual students work.  Choose one that you like the sound of, go to the students site, look at the work, thnik about leaving a quality comment to the student.

This is the original post from Tawa Intermediate School.

Quadblogging - Sharing the love

One of the students in Room 15 suggested that we use this week to showcase some of students amazing work from their individual blogs.

Lets showcase some fabulous Room 15 bloggers.

Quintin spent a lot of time editing his cross country post. He took a so-so piece of writing and turned it into a personal best!

Ram wrote a fantastic writing sample this term. Read until the end of his story and have a giggle. Twisted endings a speciality of Ram's!

Helen uses some fantastic vocabulary in her writing. Find out more in her story Karma.

Josh W had 100 words to build a story about the night zookeeper.

Commenting is a way we can share our enjoyment of other's work. Be sure to stop by these individual blogs and share some the love!

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  1. What a great motivation Quadblogging is! Talk about an authentic audience. I will have to check out these individual blogs.