Maori Resources Videos

Videos from Melville Intermediate involving our students who are Maori or of Maori descent.   We've created resources with these students to teach others about their culture.  Maori students are the single biggest ethnic group of students at our school.

A Maori Mihi is a simple introduction or greeting that you would say when meeting someone for the first time.  These are commonly used on Marae to introduce yourself.  We've created video tutorials on how to complete these in 2009, 2010 2011.  We updated them again last year and you can view Morgans 2012 example here.  We've also started working on the drafts for our 2013 versions.  You can see Jamies 2013 slideshow version here.

We're very proud that in this criteria with Google searching we've been #1 in both New Zealand and the world.  We've taught students from throughout New Zealand this and also students from around the world, click here or here to see Mihi from a student in Russia!

Poi is a Maori item that is used in cultural displays and for games.  We created last year a series of very successful 'How to Make' tutorial videos.   You can see these by clicking here and here.   When you've made your poi you can learn some simple moves to complete with them.  Melville Intermediate is very proud of our school cultural group who regulalry perform locally and have made overseas trips.  You can view some of their performances when poi featured by clicking here or here for 2009, here for 2010 at Wintec. For the past two years our students have travelled to Auckland at the end of each year to perform, these highlights are from the 2012 performance.

You can learn to count in Maori using resources we've created.  Two of our 2011 students Hayze and Mackenzie have created videos recently in how to count from one to ten, ten to twenty five and twenty five to one hundred.  You can see our 2009 Counting work here.

You can play some traditional Maori games using the resources we've created.  One of the most popular was Rakau sticks, you can view our original tutorial here,  with the second lesson here from 2010.  If you click on this link you can see students in the USA from Mrs Yollis classroom who learnt from our experts at Melville Intermediate School! You can also see a student from Siberia, Russia speaking the days of the week in Maori thanks to Melville Intermediate.

We've also created some videos in 2011 focussing on 'Hand Games'.  These can be viewed by searching on our blog for them, if you click on this link here then you can see students from Rocky River Elementary School in North Carolina, USA playing them!  We refined our Pukana Hand Game tutorial again in 2012 and the link to the most current video is here.

We are available to Skype with your classroom with our student during school time, please leave us a comment so we can communicate with you to do so.  An example of this from 2011 is our students working with Waiuku Primary School, you can see that video by clicking on the link here.

In 2013 we've continued to produce work into new areas.  We produced a detailed series of video about the creation of Hongi Ihu - Maori Nose Flute.  The original video post was here We refined it further for uploading for our Youtube account and you can view that here