Sunday, June 9, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Maggi Kitchen Showdown: Regional Finalists!

On Friday at assmebly we had special guests - Melville Intermediate were announced as regional finalists in the 2013 Maggi Cook Off Competition.  We were very excited to be finalists again (as we were in 2010).  We had a excellent presenation at assembly and one of our 2013 team, Mandy from Room Twelve, wrote about the event.  Elizabeth from Room Five then conducted a bonus interview with Mandy for this class page.

'The Maggi Kitchen Showdown' is a group of four students who have been choosen to do a Cookoff in a national competition with Maggi and the Erin Simpson show. We got in by coking a bacon and chicken wrap with apricot stuffing, polente bread and balsamic jus'.

  Maggi Announcement 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Elizabeth: Do you like the Kitchen Showdown?
Mandy: Yes, I do, very much.

Elizabeth: If you could choose what you wanted to cook, what would you?
Mandy: Curried Sausages with Rice.

Elizabeth: A little birdie told me that you cooked with David Shearer (Labour Party Leader) did he like your food?
Mandy: Yes, he loved it.

Elizabeth: Do you feel determined (to do your best) or scared (of the competition)?
Mandy: Very determined.

We also recorded the announcement at assembly, which is the video that is posted below - we will keep you informed about the progress in this competition as we build towards the regional finals!


  1. Hello Room 5,

    The maggi Announcement was interesting. A kitchen showdown sounds awesome. I wish our school could do that. I'd cook a pie if we did that. Mandy was lucky to cook with David Shearer. Can't wait for you to blog more exciting posts like this.

    1. Mandy was lucky to cook for David Shearer and he's probably the most important person whose visited our school in the last little bit. We are very excited for the showdown but there is a lot of work to do to make the finals of the Kitch Showdown.

  2. Hi Room 5,

    I'm Juliette from 8C Selwyn House and I'm really excited you guys are some of our quad blogging buddies. Good luck for the Cookoff! I hope you do really well!

    From Juliette

  3. Thanks Juliette
    Thank you for your comment and yes we hope that do our best in the competition. I know that the students are very, very nervous.