Saturday, November 30, 2013

Melville Intermediate - CPA Performance @ MIS

On Wednesday afternoon at school we had a very special afternoon concert.  Our Cultural Performing Arts Group (CPA) held a show in the school hall inviting the general public and students from our school.  We had the school choir, selected soloists and of course the CPA.  This song, also involving Whaea Dianne from Melville Intermediate is Wairua o te puna aroha.

CPA @ MIS 27/11/13 Introduction Maori Section from myles webb on Vimeo.
The CPA performed each of the four main cultural sections.  These videos were filmed by Nichola from Room Five and edited by Drustan and Dalanar.  Filmed on Wednesday 27th November 2013.  The following video is a performance of Wahine Ma.
CAPMaori271113 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Edublog Nominations 2013

This year we'd like to make some nominations for the 2013 Edublog Awards.  

Best New Blog: There's been some class pages that we've been following closely this year, however the best class page according to the Room Five students is 8C at Selwyn House, Christchurch.  We've been thrilled with the collaboration that this year has allowed us - but more than that its just a wonderful class page, a huge amount of quality work and wonderful posts and a great class site.

Best Class Blog: Mrs Yollis Classroom Page.  Consistently the best classroom page in the world.  Completly inspirational.

Best Student Blog: Miriams Magical Moments
This is one individual student blog that you can keep going back to.  The quality of the work that on show, the presentation, the writing is amazing.  An examples for everyone to how a wonderful site can be run.

Best Twitter Hashtag: #comments4kids Its always a great source of connections and potential collaborators.  Its been a #hashtag that we've used too infrequently this year.   

Best Free Web Tool: Vimeo - invaluable to this site and most class pages.

Best Educational Use of a Social Network   Stephen Baker and Pascal Dresse and the team at Kidsedchatnz.  Innovative and a great use of Twitter.

Melville Intermediate - The School Ball 2013

Melville Intermediate School and the School Year are drawing to a close, with only two weeks left until the end of 2013.  There are several major events still to come, including the School Big Day Out trip to Rainbows End next week.  The other major event is the Melville Intermediate School Ball.  This is taking place next Thursday and is a formal dance for our students.   Most of our students have been practising the formal dancing for the past two weeks.  
Circle Waltz @ MIS 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.
Room Five has also been collating videos of the formal dancing this year to ensure that we leave a resource of the dancing for the school for the future.   These videos were recorded by Jackie, Nathan H, Josh and Drustan.  Edited by Josh and Drustan, from Room Five.
Three Step @ MIS 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Melville Intermediate - School Haka

Yesterday Melville Intermediates Cultural Performing Arts Group (CPA) held at show at school in the afternoon for students and the community.  During this show the CPA there were performances in Maori (Kapa Haka), Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan and Tongan. 

One of the highlights was the Boys Haka.  This Haka was created for the school by Constable Niwha, who is our local community constable.

CPA Boys Haka 27/11/13 @ MIS from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate - 2nd Grade Superstards NZ Projects

While we are approaching the end of the school year here in New Zealand (this site is closing on December 13th) our friends around the world are continuing to post and learn as they are getting to be nearly half way through the year.  One of our favourite sites has always been the New Town Grade Two Superstars.  Their students are currently completing non ficiton projects about New Zealand! You can view the wonderful videos from the students here.  Room Five you need to listen to the facts contained in one of the videos and comment to the student who left it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Athletics 2013

This is the first highlight video from yesterdays Inter Intermediate Athletics day which was held at Poritt Stadium, Fairfield, Hamilton.   Hosted by Peachgrove Intermediate it was the final event of the 2013 Inter Intermediate Sports events.   There were twelve Intermediate Schools present from throughout the Waikato region.  Video highlights were filmed on the day by Bianca and Nichola.  Edited in class by Dalanar and Drustan from Room Five.
AthleticsPart1 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Athletics 2013

Today at Porritt Stadium in Hamilton the last calendar event of 2013 for the Waikato Intermediate Sports Competiiton was held - Athletics day.  All of the schools in the Waikato region competed in a variety of athletic events.  Melville Intermediate had a team for the day, the highlight of which results wise was Lonita from Room Seven (and Basketball Captain) who won the Cricket Ball Throw for the Y8 Girls.  We had a Room Five film crew there and will be process information and details from the event over the next few days.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Makere and Kyla @ Assembly

Today during school assembly we had two students singing as part of the promotion for tonights South H Town Talent Quest at the Glenview Community Centre.  This is a local talent quest which students are invited to audition for.  Melville Intermediate were thrilled that six of our students were selected for tonights finals.  We are hoping to have footage from those finals to put online later in the week.  In the meantime this is Makere and Kyla, who are both performing tonight with 'Wake Up'.  Edited and produced by Drustan and Dalanar.
Makere and Kyla @ Assembly 22/11/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - League Tag Highlights

Wednesday League Tag saw Melville Intermediate triumph in the regional League Tag Tournament.  The team went undefeated on the day beating schools from as far away as Taupo.  The final was won 5-2 against Putararu, the Semi-Final saw Melville Intermediate take on a dangerous Te Awamutu Intermediate 'A' side.  Footage filmed by Matua Taua.  Melville Intermediate are in their traditional red/green uniforms and Te Awamutu are in their Maroon and gold.
League Tag Vs. Te Awamutu 1 21/11/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.
In pool play one of the teams that Melville had to take on was Huntly.  This video is highlights of that game.  Huntly are in the bright yellow and Melville Intermediate are in Green and Red.
MIS Vs. Huntly League Tag 21/11/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermediate - League Tag

On Tuesday 12th of November a group of highly skilled rippa rugby league teams got togeather to complete against a variety f schools, we were all going or one reason to win because the top two schools go to the rippa league regionals competion which is held in Te Awamutu.

The fact that we had no training we did quite well.
The a team first game was against Wales (Toku Mapihi) we were very nervouse but we managed to pull though with a win beating them 9-0 it was a very hard game.

In our second came we played France (Raumanga) they had a lot of skill and first players but eventually we got around them and scored a number of tries we ended the game with a fantastic 5-3 win.  We were so tired but we pulled through and gained enough energy to play the next few games.

We won our next three game and ended up at the top of the ladder and went on to face  Toku Mapihi again in the semi finals and because we are so skilled we won the game 10-3.  We then move on to the finals against the France (Raumanga) team once again. We had a quick break before the tiring game against France started. The first point was scored by the team France but we managed to score a point shortly after that. at half time the score was 2 all and we were all tired, the scoring went back and forth and soon enough the game was over. after an amazing game the score was 4-3 to them the boys gave it everything and it was a good game everyone clapped and cheered.

Melville Intermediate - Regional League Tag Champions

Yesterday the Melville Intermediate League Tag team travelled to Te Awamutu for the central regional finals for League Tag.  Teams from throughout Waikato and as far away as Taupo attended.  Melvilles team were unbeaten in pool play, had an incredibly narrow 4-3 win against Te Awamutu Intermediate 'A' in the Semi-Finals and then were able to win the tournament defeated Putararu College in the final 5-2.  An amazing performance from a fantastic Melville Intermediate School team.    Footage from the final was filmed by Matua Taua and Mr Stewart.
League Tag Regional Finals 20/11/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Melville Intermeidate - Mangakotokutoku Stream Investigation

This is written by James from Room Twelve and this report is about his classrooms investigations of the local stream to Melville Intermediate School, the Mangakotokutoku Stream.

My classroom, Room Twelve, have been investigating the Mangakotokutoku stream.  We've been learning about the streams fish life and learnt about its levels of pollution and about how they are managed.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Melville Intermediate - R12's Stream study

Anathalia from Room Twelve and Arland from Room Twelve both participated in their class trip to the local Mangakotukutuku stream, located here in Hamilton city.   As part of their learning about the event they produced this slideshow.

Anathalia wrote this about the project:
My class has been investigating the Mangakotukutuku Stream.   What we did down there was test the water and see what was in the water content.

Melville Intermediate - Summer in Photos

A summer start on PhotoPeach

Melville Intermediate - 8C Selwyn House Continue to Impress

While we are fast approaching the end of the year here in New Zealand, with only four weeks to go until the end of the school year, and only four more weeks to go with this class page after five years, we're busy trying to get everything finsihed before the end of the year.  We've still been amazed and thrilled at the comments that we've been receiving and the quality of the posts from our Aoteaoroa Quadblogging Buddies and friends at 8C Selwyn House.  You can access their amazing class page by clicking on the link here.  Make sure your check out Inkheart playing at the Bandquest!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Kyla Sings 'Ave Maria' 12/11/13

This is the final highlights from our CPA/Choir show at Hilda Ross Retirement Home on 12th of November.   Its Kyla whose featured in various talent quests and group performances singing 'Ave Maria' during the show.  Recorded by Elizabeth and Jamie from Room Five and edited by Drustan Room Five.
Kyla, R12 MIS Peforming Ave Maria from myles webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Melville Intermediate - School Athletics 2013

Melville Intermediate last week held our School Athletics Day, preparation for the Inter Intermediate School Athletics Competition which will be held at Poritt Stadium, Hamilton, on Tuesday 26th November 2013.  For our School Athletics each of the nine classrooms at Melville Intermediate School had to have a class competition identifying the top students from the class who went forward to the school finals.   The school finals, organized and run by Mr Keegan, featured a huge day of competition.  These highlights from the High Jump were filmed by Josh from Room Five, who along with Drustan from Room Five, also edited the video.
High Jump Athletics 2013 @ MIS from myles webb on Vimeo.
A special congratulations are due to the Room Five students who made it into the school team, Josh in the 100m, 200m and Long Jump.  Icis from Room Five also produced an amazing result from the Y8 Shot Put competition, defeating the rest of the School, including all the Boys!  This video (also shot by Josh and Viliame) is of the School Long Jump Finals,  Filmed at Melville Intermediate on Tuesday 11th November 2013.
Long Jump @ MIS 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Drama 2013

The 2013 Waikato Inter Intermediate Drama Day took place this year at Berkley Middle School.  Students from throughout the Waikato were involved in the day in a variety of activities.

This recount is written by Claudia from Room Twelve.

Drama Day
On the 6th of November 8 students went on a trip out to Berkley Normal Middle School for a drama day where we did many activities such as Dance and Story line.

We learnt many new things that day, we learnt that if you are in a group and someone gives an idea to try always be positive about it and give it a go cause you never no what might or might not work, thus also lifting the vibe to that of a happy vibe.

When It came to dance it was very hard and extremely fast, with a lot of complicated moves and watching the dance teacher and some of the students move made dance very daunting but it was also very fun and very funny with the dance teachers odd exercises.

We made many new friends from the schools that also participated in drama day and the other schools brought a lot of talent and confidence but most of them were friendly and warm, people that 
Melville will never forget.

We had a great day at drama day and it was an unforgettable experience, we gained knowledge, confidence and talent was shown, I know that what we learned was important and it will stay with us for life.

The video is of one of the workshops from the event and features a number of Melville Intermediate School students.  This was recorded by Mrs Bleakin during the day and edited by Damien, Josh and Drustan from Room Five.

MIS - Inter Intermediate Drama 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Melville Intermediate - CPA @ Hilda Ross 12/11/13

On Tuesday the twelfth of November the Melville Intermediate School CPA (Cultural Performing Arts) Group performed at Hilda Ross Retirement Home.  All the students were very excited by the time we got there.  The audience welcomed us onto the stage.   We performed a variety of cultural items which the audience enjoyed; very much.  First we performed a Maori item, then Hawaiian.  After Hawaiian it was Tongan.   Last of all it was Tahitian.   After all the hard work and effort we were served with refreshments.  After drinking our juice and eating our chocolate we got into the bus and waved goodbye.  Recount by Hossana from Room Two.
CPA @ Hilda Ross 12/11/13 Part Three from myles webb on Vimeo.
This video is of Fakateretere, this was taught to us by our tutor Oshan.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Melville Intermediate School - CPA @ Hild Ross 12/11/13

Melville Intermediate Schools Cultural Performing Arts Group (CPA) yesterday had their second out of school performance for 2013.   The Melville Intermediate School CPA went to the Hilda Ross Retirement Home and performed for the residents.  These videos are some of the highlights of  the performance filmed by Jamie and Elizabeth from Room Five.
CPA @ Hildra Ross 12/11/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.
The group also performed with the school Choir.   An explanation of the performances from the students will follow shortly.
CPA @ Hilda Ross 12/11/13 Part Two from myles webb on Vimeo.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Drama Day 2013

For drama day we done theater dance, theater dance is acting and dancing.  There were three main actors and  I was one of them.  My roll was as seaweed who has a young sister that likes to dance.
Inter Intermediate Drama Day - Dance from myles webb on Vimeo.

At the end of drama day all groups done improv our group got a slip of paper. On our paper it said make a ad based on chips me , Dylan and some Berkley kids were fighting kids and some Peachgrove kids were parents.
inter Intermediate Drama Day - Improv 2 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Waikato Inter Intermediate Drama 2013

 On Thursday 7 November 2013 Damien, Dylan, Mandy, Talya, Claudia, ohatu, Jordan and I went to Berkley Normal Middle School. 4 of us went in Mrs Patterson’s car and the other 4 went in Mrs Bleaken’s car. When we got there 4 or 5 other schools were sitting down listening to the teacher. He said that there were 3 classrooms storyline room, performance room and dance room he told us also to line up smallest to biggest and he would number us I was number 2. Then he said line up with the teacher I was with mat and we stayed into the room and we did some games one of the games was where mat got 4 gaps and he would do worlds like one was space and another was a jungle and we had to act it out. Next we had morning tea then we did storyline one activity for this was where you had to do exactly what the other person told you (that was cool) then it was dance which was the hardest we did so games in that too next it was lunch after we had lunch we were told that we had to do an activity for a commercial each team got a slip of paper which told us what to do we had to get a boring thing and make it better aw name was the whisk of sexy ness then it was over everything had been done but then the teacher said that there were 2 scholarship’s won by 2 best drama people but it would take about a week so then I was happy but overall I had an amazing day.  Recount by Mephis Ward, Room Seven.              

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Japan by Jamie

Jamie from Room Five, Melville Intermediate, has been a buddy for one of our guests from Japan who've been with us for the past week and a half.  This is her slideshow about Japan and some of the information that she has gained.