Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Art 2013

On Friday 14ht of June the Inter Intermediate Art Day was held at Hamilton Junior High School. Jozarn from room five attended. There were a variety of activities including grafitti art, which Jozarn placed second in for 'Fresh'. You had to draw a piece with a spray can on a piece of wood on a bi wall. There was also latern making. You had a balloon, gloves and you used glue from a containe. In recycling you had an aluminium can the top and the bottom were taken off it which left just the middle and the ends, and they were folded ontop of each other to make a braclet. It was an amazing experience for the students conceJrned and Jozarn and the other students loved it.

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  1. Wow! Really cool graffiti Jozarn.