Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Melville Intermediate - CPA 31st October

Today the Melville Intermediate School CPA (Cultural Performing Arts) group had an incredibly busy day. They started off with a performance at the front of Melville Intermediate School for a group of special guests that are at Melville Intermediate School today and tomorrow. Then it was straight onto the bus, in costume for performances at two early childhood centers! The first performance, part of the Maori section is captured here which is the opening Maori section of the performance. Then it was onto the bus again for the next show. Part of that is shown here, which is the Samoan section of the performance. These events were all filmed by Joey from Room Five on Wednesday 31st of October 2012.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Poi Tutorial for Japan.

This video was filmed on Tuesday 30th October 2012. Its Elizabeth, Room Five and Melville Intermediate School Cultural Performing Arts (CPA) teaching two Japanese Exchange students who are currently with us at Melville Intermediate moves with Maori Poi. Filmed and humming by Jamie Room Five, this is the second part of the same video, filmed outside Room Five, on Tuesday 30th October 2012. Elizabeth created this on the fly without a script!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Survivor Melville: Episode One!

Today it finally kicked off! The highly anticipated 2012 series of Survivor:Melville. The two teams for 2012 are Whero (Red) and Parauri (Brown). Weather was variable for the first challenge forcing the teams inside for a 2011 series favourite 'The Tower of Doom'.

Each team nominated one player who threw four dice, the dice were turned over to the 'six' side before a cup placed on top would determine the winner. The first team to score five points would claim immunity and more importantly would send the other team straight to elimination! With only ten competitors this year the first elimination was vitally important. No-one would want to have the distinction of going out first. Filmed by Reanna from Room One, presented by Veronica from Room Five, this is Survivor:Melville!

Melvlle Intermediate - CPA at Te Pahu Primary

Our hands were sweating, our teeth were chattering, it was almost time to perform to Te Pahu Primary School. We were all standing on the stage in our Maori costumes, waiting to unleash our pukana. Simon bursted out the command that started our entire performance, and that's when it all begun!

  We all went from nervous to excited. From then on, we were all strong in our performance. When we finished our Maori section, we rushed off stage to zoom into our Samoan costumes. The girls performed their Siva and then the boys came on and we all performed the sasa. We finished our Samoan section, and had to once again zoom into our Hawaiian Costumes. During our short changing times, our Hawaiian teacher, performed a few dances of her own. It was time to go on stage again. Our first dance of the section, was a big hit, but the second was even bigger! We exited the stage with a round of applause from Te Pahu primary.

By Elizabeth and Rebekah

Melville Intermediate - PrEP Market Day Highlights

Melville Intermediate - PrEP 2012 Market Day

Melville Intermediate - PrEP 2012 Part Three.

PrEP 2012 - Part Three on PhotoPeach

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Prep 2012 Part One

On Friday Melville Intermediate School had their 2012 PrEP (Primary Enterprise Program) Market Day.   Students from Melville Intermediate had nearly seventy business stalls operating for the evening of Friday 26th October.  We had a huge number of the general public come and visit Melville Intermediate and spend money.  The students did an amazing job on the evening and this series of photographs is the first in the series of highlights.  Photographs taken by Matua Peter on the evening.
PrEP 2012 - Part One on PhotoPeach

Monday, October 22, 2012

Melville Intermediate - PrEP Market Day: This Friday

Unbelievably its here already, one of the biggest days of the year for Melville Intermediate School, the annual PrEP Market Day. This year the market day is taking place on Friday, that's Friday 26th October from 4:30pm-6:00pm. All the students of Melville Intermediate School have been preparing for the past three weeks, working on producing a product or service for the event. This Friday RM5@Melville Intermediate School will of course have a huge amount of footage and pictures. This video shot on Friday 19th of October by Jay from Room Five. Jay is one of the members of 'Paper Cuts' and this is an explanation of the business and what they are producing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Paper Cuts Real Estate Contract

For PrEP 2012 each business had to bid on a site during the real estate auction held on Tuesday.  Following that the real estate workers came around and signed extensive contracts with each group.  Paper Cuts from Room Five were busy preparing a test run for their 2012 fudge product and Jay taking the initiative decided to record the signing of the contract so that his group had a record of it.  He is also writing an explanation of what it means for his group to have signed and detailed.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Levi's Ski Recount

On the last day of school on Friday night me and my family went to Rarotonga.  It was freezing cold when we left New Zealand.  The plane ride was three and a half hours long and we arrived at Rarotonga at 10:40pm.  Once we got off the plane it was very warm.  In the airport we had to go through customs and then go to a backpackers for the night.  That morning my friend and I got up and went for a swim straight away.  We took a bus to our resort and went to our rooms.  Once we had unloaded our bags we went for a swim again.  The pool at the resort had a water slide.  Then we went to get our three scooters and our one car.  Riding on a scooter is so much fun.  In the car you don't have to wear a seatbelt and you can sit on the back of the car.  For the next three days we snorkelled everyday.  On Sunday, which is New Zealand's Monday we went on Captain Tama's cruise.  It was really awesome.  On Monday we went to the markets.  There were a lot of things to buy.  On Tuesday there we went snorkelling again and then on Wednesday we went on an island safari.  We went up giant mountains and down big slopes.   Friday was a sleepy day and at quarter to one we left Rarotonga to take a four hour plane ride to return to New Zealand.

As part of our Term Four work, each student in Room Five has to write a recount for their portfolio about an activity that they were involved with for the Term Three holiday break.

Melville Intermediate - PrEP News Crew

This year Melville Intermediate School's Market Day PrEP will be bigger than ever.  To make sure that we capture the event in full this year we are employing two students from Room Five, Manish and Jozarn to record the event in full! The first stop of their 2012 PrEP event schedule was to film some of the many advertisements that have been placed around the school that explains what each business is offering... that is they should be able to explain it from the advertisements but as you will see some of the advertising wasn't really clear... filmed at Melville Intermediate School on Thursday 18th October 2012 by Manish and Jozarn.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Melville Intermediate - PrEP Two Weeks Away!

In two weeks time Melville Intermediate School holds their annual PrEP (Primary Enterprise Program) market day. The students have been preparing for this since the end of last term and each classroom has up to six businesses within it producing goods and services for the big day. Today Melville Intermediate School held the auction for the real estate, students had to bid on the area that they wanted to buy for their business and pay MiSMs in competition with other groups. The Auctioneer was Mr Keegan from Room Eighteen and this video was filmed inside the school hall.

Melville Intermediate - Art Technology Oct 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Survivor: Melville 2012 Starts Tomorrow!

After a term of planning, after weeks of pre production and organization behind the scenes the first episode of Survivor: Melville the 2012 season is being shot tomorrow! Today the teams were officially selected for the competition.  Each contestant had to draw from a container, those players who pulled a red bandana would make up the 'Whero' team.  Whero for 2012 consists of Tara from Room One, Aublix from Room Two, Brent from Room Five, Tyryn from Room Six and Bunnarath from Room Eight.

Competing against them is Parauri The 2012 team consists of Keziah from Room Seven, Veronica from Room Twelve, Adrian from Room Thirteen, Woody from Room Fourteen and Mitchell from Room Eighteen.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Elizabeths WaiMaths 2012 Recount


‘Tick, Tick, Tick.’ The Stopwatch stared, Blair, Connor and I raced to answer the first question. “It’s this, No, This!” We were wasting precious time just on the first question! “Just put down this” I said. We scribbled down our answer and passed it to the judge…..”CORRECT!” J he said, “WOOOO!” We shouted. There were a few stares but we didn’t care.

We got through the first few questions with ease but after those there were quite a few bumps in the road.L “I don’t get it” “What’s the answer” we had absolutely no Idea what we could have done. “Let’s just put down this.” Connor suggested. We handed it over to the judge; Blair had put the answer down on a line that had 3rd attempt next to it. “Sorry, guys…” He started, “...It’s wrong.” We had a sad moment but we carried on with positive attitude.

“There’s only 10 seconds on the clock!” I screamed. I was so nervous I was shuffling and jumping in my seat, I nearly fell off! “NO, NO, NO!, don’t put that down, it’s this!” I told them the answer and they rushed to scribble it down. Just as we handed over the answer the buzzer went off “NOOO!” We hollered with disappointed. We still asked the judge if we got the answer correct, “Sorry guys, you should have handed it in earlier, you got it right!” “WOOO!”

We had an enjoyable night and we (meaning the year 7 tem,) came 25th out of 32 schools. You might think that it’s not that great, but that’s a pretty big thing for us!
By Elizabeth
Room 5

Last term every student in Room Five had to publish one recount about an event they were involved in for thier portfolio, this class page and the school newsletter/magazine.  This is written by Elizabeth from Room Five and is about her pariticpation in the 2012 WaiMaths Mathematics Competition.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Sam's persuasive writing

This term the students of Melville Intermediate School had to produce a piece of persuasive writing about a topic of thier choice.  Sam from Room Five chose to write about Minecraft. 

Persuasive writing = why minecraft should be a learning game at schools.

Hello today I am going to tell you about why Minecraft should become a learning game at school. I am doing this as a part of my school work on persuasive writing.

Minecraft it’s a game where you kill monsters build houses and all sorts of things that don’t make any sense and also it doesn’t really look like something that has anything to do with learning and really that pretty much true but there is one good reason that Minecraft should be allowed at school as a learning game. That thing is maths yes I know I said maths and I know what you’re thinking what does maths have to do with minecraft well I’ll tell you. Minecraft uses the 3 architectural side of maths perimeter radius and area and sometimes if you’re planning something in a book it uses adding and times. And what do theses thing have to do with Minecraft well if you’re trying to make a house of wood and you what to make it out of a plan then in the plan you need to think how high it will be, how tall, how wide it will be and also how much of what you want to be made of you need and all of the working out uses those three architectural side of maths
So as you can see Minecraft can have a learning purpose and I hope you conceder what I have told you and to recap Minecraft uses the architectural side of maths and sometimes adding and times tables and this why you should conceder have Minecraft in your class room bye for now and thanks for listening

Monday, October 8, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Term Three Highlights 2012

Term Three 2012 on PhotoPeach

Melville Intermediate - Kylie Compost Speech

Earlier in Term Two every student at Melville Intermediate School had to give a speech about a topic related to sustainability.  The students had to perform their speech in front of the classroom and be judged by their peers and the teacher.  This is a transcript of Kylie's speech which was on the topic of garden compost.

Hi and good morning/afternoon my name is Kylie and my speech is about compost. I chose to do this topic because compost is really sustainable and it could be really interesting. I know a lot of things about compost and there are a lot of people that use it for there garden. I haven’t used compost before but I’ve learnt about it. Compost is a great soil conditioner and is one of the best things for your garden. Compost is made out of garden waist such as lawn clippings and dead plants.

 It is sustainable because you can put it in your garden and it will help your vegetables grow healthier. It has been decomposed and recycled as a fertiliser and soil. Also compost is the key ingredient to organic farming. It can also be made out of kitchen scraps, banana peels, leaves, apple cores and straw. You can use a lot of things for compost. It’s good to keep the compost wet so that the warmth keeps the vegetables warm so in winter they won’t die of frost. In Egypt they spread the compost straight onto the fields. Mostly 26% of compost is made out of kitchen waist. Compost should not be used with starting plants because the soil will be to strong. You cannot put anything in compost if it has thorns, seeds, bulbs, vines or runners.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Survivor: Melville 2012 Season Starts Next Week!

While its the school holidays here in New Zealand and the students of Melville Intermediate School are due back from their break on October 15th, some of the production students have been working on the background for our term four 'serial' series of episodes that will be playing next term. For those of you who missed the cast announcement for 2012 here it is! To re-cap all of last years episodes would be too long, however we've been highlighting some of last years episodes in the build up to the 2012 season launch. The two teams last year were split into Y7 and Y8 teams, the Y7 team won the first competition episode and were keen to stamp their authority on the season by winning episode two, this involved the teams throwing a 'Frisbee' onto a marked area with various team members trying to be the first to grab the Frisbee to score a point for their team, will this be of value to our 2012 contestants? Stay tuned.. This episode originally was broadcast 29th September 2011.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Deightons Minecraft Exposition

This was a complusory written task for all Room Five students this term, to write a recount about a topic of their choice.  This was written by Deighton about Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the best games of all time well to me anyway. I like Minecraft because it involves building and you need to be creative (like me I am very creative) and you can. Let’s talk about mobs (aka monsters) mob no.1 zombies are green skinned with a light blue top dark blue pants mob no.2 a skeleton is bone white and carries a bow and arrows and mob no.3 spiders they are black with red eyes and can climb walls there tricky to avoid. Mob no.4 cave spiders are a bluish black and poison you. Mob no.5 creepers they are green with four legs and Blow up. Mob no.6 slimes they are green and multiply fast you find them close to bedrock. Mob no.7 ghast’s are huge white and pretty much ghosts. Mob no.8 blazes are yellow and orange with smoke pouring out of it plus they cause fires. Then there are blocks that you mine first coal then there is iron and gold and the crystals are diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli and ruby. Plus you can build whatever you want like a house a hidden door and a mob spawner I will teach you how to make a creeper spawner you will need Redstone, creeper eggs, one pressure plate and a dispenser. Good bye for now.