Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Sport Waikato Ki-o-Rahi

This morning we had special guests from Sport Waikato who taught us how to play Ki-o-Rahi which is a traditional Maori game.

Cody wrote 'we went out in the morning and played Ki o Rahi. They told us how to play and we were off.  The ball was going around like a speeding bullet.  Change over and its still flying around.  Reitu's team scored five and it was all over.  Overall it was a fun game'.  Codys top five tips for the game were 1. stay inside Te Roto until pass off 2.  Run around trying to get the ball 3. get the other teams tags off 4. give to the shooters to score by striking the bin.

Chloe wrote 'when I got to the turf and looked out at the field there were cones and a bucket and I was wondering what game we were playing.  Then they told us that it was called Ki-O-Rahi.  I thought that it was a weird name for a game.  They said that it is a Maori game with lots of instructions to the game.  We played it, there were all of these words that I can't remember and you had to grab the tags out of the players waists if they had the ball in their hands.  The top things to remember were 1. Only Taniwha can go into the water 2. the runners can't go into the water without the ball 3. you can leap to score 4. you have to have the ball to go in the water if you are not a taniwha.

Wattana wrote 'Ki-O-Rahi' was actually a new game to me and it was really fun and I hope to play it again.  When I started to play I was playing against Taniwha, my team was on offense and the other team was defending.   The offensive team had four main throwers to throw the ball at the bin.  The attacking team has to get the ball and touch the post then run and score a try inside the red cone.

We found these videos (from Youtube) that exmplained how to play the game further.  The first video was created by Sport Waitakere that explains how to play the game.

We also found this example of Ki-O-Rahi being played on horseback! Its been uploaded to Youtube By Sport Northland.


  1. Hi Room 8,

    those tips are quite handy!I love Ki-O-Rahi as its great exercise and fun as well.
    I think Ki-O-Rahi is really helpful with communication and teamwork, and can get you pumped and really competitive.When I first heard about the game I thought It was really confusing with all the rules, and half the time I couldn't understand the words and names as I'm not a kiwi, I'm from England.
    I found the horseback version quite cool and exciting.It looks hard though.

    Do you think there should be interclass games for this game?Why?


  2. Charlie & JoshJune 11, 2013 at 2:14 PM

    Hi Melville Intermediate

    I'm really looking ford to play Ki-O-Rahi again because it's fun.

  3. Jullian, Jono and CorbanJune 11, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    Hey R5 of Melville, this is Jullian, Jono and Corban from Tawa Intermediate.

    KI-O-RAHI is a great game and looks really fun and we didn't see any large people so we think that you have a fit school.

    One of the things i love about your school is that it's fit.

  4. My class played Ki-O-Rahi as well and they loved it. Perhaps we could invite you to our school to have a game with us! That would be fun!!

  5. Hi Room 5 my name is Katareina I go to Pt England school I played Ki-O-Rahi at my old school called Manurewa south school. I thought it was boring at first but no it wasn't. I had a tournament but my team was in luck because my uncle joined in. We came second but my friends got certificates. I love that game. One of the things I love about that school is that you guys are fit. Well bye I need to go now.