Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging Survey for our Quadbuddies

One of the classes in our Quadblogging Group, Selwyn House, have had the brilliant idea of putting up a google doc as a way of getting to know the rest of the quad.  Damien and Wattana from Room Five have already been there, done that, which is wondeful but the rest of Room Five are going to fill the survey out on Thursday and Friday.   The link to post from Selwyn House is here.


  1. Hi Room 5,

    Thank you Damien and Wattana for your answers. I can't wait to see the answers from other people in your class. It is great to see your responses about what you like. I have enjoyed quad blogging with you. Would you recommend quad blogging to other people?

    Charlotte 8C,Selwyn House School Christchurch, New Zealand

  2. Hello Room 5,

    Thank you for filling out our form. We look forward to knowing you better.

    Sarah Be, 8C