Saturday, June 8, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Melvilles Got Talent 2010: Rewind!

One of the big announcement at the Melville Intermediate School Assembly on Friday was that Melville Intermediate had been selected as one of the finalists for the 2013 Maggi Cook Off, the other big announement was that Melville's Got Talent, our 2013 school talent quest, will take place later this term!  To celebrate this fact we're looking back at some of the 'talent' that's been unearthed at Melville Intermediate School in the past.  This rewind looks at the 2010 comeptition, this was the eventual runner up from 2010, Gary with his percussion performance.

Gary had an awesome performance, did a wonderful job but the winners from 2010 were Jada and Ashton performing 'Bubbly'


  1. Hi Myles, that seems like it will be really fun!
    Our school has announced that we've got Selwyn House Idol coming up too!

    1. Chelsea
      We'd love to see Selwyn House Idol with the highlights being posted online on your page.

  2. Wow guys! Amazing drum and guitar playing! Wish I could play that well.

    Ela 8C Happenings

  3. Ela
    We were very lucky to have such talented students at our school in 2010 and I know that the Girls had practised and rehearsed a lot leading into the competition finals.