Sunday, June 16, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Blogging Can Change things!

On Friday at our School Assembly our Principal, Mr Cooke, mentioned changes that were being made to the Melville Intermediate School Tuck Shop/Canteen as a result of students research and preparation.  This is the first time in the last few years that the menu has been changed and one of the key reasons for the change is this site and those people who contributed to it.  Earlier in the year we put a series of posts online asking for school menus to compare to ours.  We had a great response from so many of you from New Zealand and overseas.  We then became involved in a process of filtering, selecting and choosing improvements that could make to our menu.  Its taken some time but we were excited to hear on Friday that our menu will now include the first new item Lol Drinks.  Its just a small step and there's more to follow but its come as a direct result of our visitors, those who contributed to our asking and the students.  A great result all around.

In Room Five we have two School representatives Damien and Wattana.  This is what Damien wrote about the process of getting the drinks added to the menu:

My new canteen list is made out of other canteens around the world I asked schools if they had canteens and the results were huge. The Melville Intermediate student councillors needed ideas for more food and drinks that appeal to other students. So I and Wattana added some new foods to our Canteen list from other schools of the world. On Friday the 17th May we went to our student council meeting in the school library and we presented our work of the proposal of our Canteen list Mrs Patterson agreed to some of it but overall it was actually pretty good. But the Lol drink was overall the best item on the list by far and the best school canteen list was from BALMORAL school.

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