Thursday, February 28, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Enviro Agents 2013

Today Deighton and I (Cody) took some photographs of our school garden.  First we took pictures of
our Suger Snap Peas then the kale.  We took pics of various plants around the garden including Zucceni, Pumpkin, Chilly, Lettuce, Spinich and a whole lot more.  We also took pics of the greenhouse and the entrance to the garden.We are also Enviro agents we get together every second Friday and talk  about saving the enviroment.  Cody and Deighton signing out.

Melville Intermediate School Gardens are a feature of our school. Students are able to grow their own vegetables, each class is able to have a patch and its the location of the school water tank, which collects water from the roof of nearby buildings and is used to flush school toilets and bathrooms, the aim of which is to save the school money with the water rates that we have to pay the city council.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Basketball starts for 2013

Melville Intermediate Schools Girls Basketball team started their 2013 Campaign tonight with their first game of 2013, a grading game against Te Ara Rima. We had two players from our 2013 team returning, Lonita (our 2013 Captain) and Nichola and the team was extremely nervous. Melville were behind 0-10 after the first few minutes, down by three points at the end of the first quarter and then down by five at half time. Improvement in the third quater saw the lead to Te Ara Rima cut to one point, followed by a shut out in the fourth quarter which saw Melville emerge victorious 36-30. Anathaylia top scored for Melville with 12 points and Lonita supported well with 11.

Melville Intermediate - Commenting Tuesday

Today you have a choice of visiting one of the following class pages.  They have just started for the year like us so you need to locate a piece of students work that interests you and lave a comment.  You need to remember what is expected from your comment terms of the format, and how you leave a question and also remember to leave your comment signed in the appropirate way.   The class pages you can choose from are 8c in Christchurch, Room 9 Vardon School in Hamilton,  Room Six at Hawea Flat. or you can visit Mokoia Intermediate in Rotorua. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - The Strangest Post Ever

Two students who are regular posters on this class page wanted to video themselves doing something special for our online audience.  Mr Webb has no idea about what they are up to, but apparently its a scene or a part of a movie which is called 'Pitch Perfect' which Elizabeth, whose hands are the star of this video, has not seen the movie, but a friend of hers has told her all about it.  Do you know the scene that they enacting? Have you seen the movie? Is it accurate? Is there anything else that they shold have done differently? This is the strangest post ever on this class page, no question.
Pitch Perfect - Cup Song from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Maori Mihi Format

A Maori Mihi is a greeting or introduction that is typically spoken when people meet.  Our students would be most likely to recite their Mihi when they were staying on a Marae or meeting someone for the first time.  All students of Melville Intermediate School need to learn and be able to recite from memory.  This is Jamie's example.

Melville intermediate - Woodwork 19th February

Woodwork February 19th - slideshow maker
Today at woodwork we were starting the tops and bottoms of our box's, the box's are for holding special things or you could choose what to do with them. The photography was by Josh and the slide was made by Josh and Nathan.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Carlton Interview Mr Cooke

Today in class we continued to practise our video making, editing and producing.  Carlton who is a student whose in Room Thirteen has been researching the school water tank, and the benefits of recycling the water for Melville Intermediate.  Carlton spoke to our school principal Mr Cooke.  Mannish from Room Five acted as camera  man, Levi, Cody and Nathan H produced the video which was shot on February 14th 2013.

Melville Intermediate is an inviro school and as part of that we have a 25000 liter water tank. This water tank was installed last year and has been working great so far .room 5 has being doing work on the water tank and we have worked out that over three years Melville Intermediate will save $3,000 -$6,000 dollars.  Over ten years we will save $17,000-$20,000 dollars and over twenty years we will save $34,000-$54,000. We hope you enjoy the video.

Mr Cooke Interview by Carlton 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.the

Melville Intermediate - Recount Writing Elizabeth

Pitch Black
The Lights Dim down… It was getting darker and darker… Until… the theatre becomes … Pitch Black!

My Brother Ryan, My Mum Trish, my Sister Laura and I were sitting in the Event cinemas Theatre on the 6th January about to watch The Rise of the Guardians. Anyway, we were sitting in the Theatre seats when suddenly… The LIGHTS DIM DOWN… It was getting darker and darker by the second until… the theatre becomes… Pitch Black!
Rise of the Guardians has 7 main characters: the guardians are: Santa Clause, Sandman, Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny the evil Guy is Pitch Black and the little boy who believes is called Jamie.
Tooth Fairy is a kind and sensitive fairy who believes that every tooth is special and that they hold memories. Easter bunny is a fierce rabbit that has a boomerang for a weapon and he also makes the eggs by hand. Sandman is a kind guy who cant talk but uses the sand/dreams, that he puts in the kids minds, to make shapes so people can see what he is saying.  Santa Clause is a man who has an inner circle to him and a whole lot of outer circles to him. Some of his outer circles are frightfulness, happiness, astonishment and kindness. His inner circle lets him see everything… well mostly everything; he can see if children are naughty or nice and he can see what children want for Christmas.
Jack Frost is a teenage kid who can’t remember anything about his past and none of the kids believe in him but near the end of the movie, the kid called Jamie starts to believe in him. Jamie is a special kid who believes in all of the guardians, his friends don’t but Jamie knows deep down that they do exist. Pitch black, the evil guy, invades all of Sandy’s (Sandman) dreams and replaces them with nightmares. He to isn’t believed in until he starts invading the dreams of kids.
Rise of the Guardians is a funny, entertaining and awesome movie. If it were up to me I would rate it five stars. After the movie, my family and I Went and got subway for dinner and then headed home. I had a really fun time and I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD.
By Elizabeth

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Manish on Food Technology

Technology started this Tuesday and Room Five students were very excited to start.  One of the five technologies is Food Technology and Mannish and Nathan H were present with cameras to film what they were doing.  Today Nathan H, Levi and Cody edited and reworked the footage.
Cooking Technology Explanation Manish 12th February from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Jamies Holiday Recount

The room rolled with laughter as my favourite part of the movie came on. It was Sandman, he can’t talk and he couldn’t get anyone’s attention so he picked up one of the elves and shook him until they noticed him. The elves had a Christmas tree suit on that had a bell at the top of the outfit made everyone one look at him because he had an idea anyway….
On the twenty third of January nana, Kylie and I went to go see the rise of the guardians, At event cinemas. We had just got in the cinemas and Kylie asked nana “Can we eat the lollies yet?” Nana said ok but don’t eat them all at once! The movie had begun.

There were 7 main characters and there were all brave, cheerful, k8nd surprizing but most of all fun at all times…. Well at least most of them were. Just one character was evil I tell you EVIL!!!!!!!!! His name is PITCH BLACK….. Well the nice characters names were Santa, Sandman, Tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Jack Frost But most important Jamie. Pitch Black was mean, evil, rude and PITCH BLACK!

The story is about believing and…….. The Guardians! The Guardians are on a quest to save the world pretty much. The moon talks to them and tell them things like what they need to fix and how to make things better. The moon told Santa; wait no this is where my favourite part came in, Sandman remembered that the moon could help them… This is where I tell you that Kylie fell off her seat and I laughed really loud and the whole cinema looked at me. Well there was some popcorn on the ground but I mean that doesn’t matter that much.
The rise of the guardians is an awesome movie I would love to tell you more about it but I cant because otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a recount……..

After the movie we had M.C. Donald’s for lunch and we went to go get an ice cream when I tripped over a chair and laughed loud…..AGAIN…..Can you guess what happened…. I you guessed that the whole food court looked at me well your wrong the whole shopping centre looked at me…. So that was a bit embarrassing but I guess that doesn’t matter at least I had fun!

I had the best time of my life!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Owen's Mystery Food!

 This mystery item belongs to Owen - he knows what it is, he likes to eat them for his lunch, but can anyone else out there identify what it is?
 We didn't have a successful identification from the students of Room Five, so is there someone out there who can help us? Or has Owen stumped our audience?
Owen is a new student to Melville Intermediate in Room Five for 2013.  Last week in class he was consuming a mystery item for his lunch.  No-one in class was sure as to what he was eating (although of course Owen knew) we were talking about who else would know? Do you?

Melville Intermediate - Bianca Holiday Recount

Fire, Hot Mount Manganui!!!
the van to get ready to go to the amazing, hot, sunny Mount manganui. “is that everything?” dad askes. “yes, now LET’S go!” I say. everyone piles into the van, dad at the wheel, me in the middle and mum as the passenger. once we got to the beach the first thing we did was unpack the van. once we finished i went to see my friends. we hung out for a bit. my friends and i were doing a shop. we do this shop every year. we did the shop for about 2 minutes, AND THEN we just hung out in my caravan. after about 2-3 minutes mum, dad and i had to go for a walk to get some tea. after tea mum, dad and i went to see our friends for a drink. after we had a drink we went back to our It was a hot, sunny summers day when my mum, dad and i were loading caravan to go to bed.
“who’s ready for a day of FUN?” i shout out to my friends Chantelleand ava. the very first thing we did was… play baseball on the beach. it was very, very hard to run on the sand. After we had finished playing baseball we did the shop with my ther friend Harper. we did the shop untill lunch time. afetr lunch mum, dad and i went far a walk up town. when we came back i rode around the camp-ground on my scooter untill tea.
it was a stormy, windy christmas day and we drove to omokoroa with my brother-Ethan, ethans girlfriend-melissa, mum, dad and i. once we got up to my nana and grandpas house we found out that everyone had allready opened their present ecxept the ones we gave them. after we had opened our presents the parents went and got tea ready while the kids played. after tea and desert mum, dad, ethan, melissa and i decided to go home with a truck load of presents in the boot.
“horay, IT’S new years eve!” i shout out. its freezing cold OUT-SIDE but whos to say that no-one can go out-side to play. chantelle and i mostley played on our scooters for that day. once the night came, the sun was emerging down and the moon was emerging up it became colder and colder. chantelles mum, chantelle, my mum and i sat snuggled up in blankets on the edge of the grasss and watched as the fireworks lite up the starry night. once they were done we started to walk back to our caravan to go to bed.
“happy new years day!” i shout out. it’s a sunny yet cold day. at 7am that morning mum and dad went down to the beach to see how many people were asleep down on the beach. there was a guy that had a wizard hat on, he rolled onto his side and his hat came off but he put it back on again in his sleep. today i just hung around mum and dad in the caravan because it was raining out-side.
By Bianca.