Friday, June 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Tawa Intermediate Quiz

This week in class as part of our Quadblogging we looked at questions for the other classes in our Quad. We decided to turn it on its head a little bit, in that we researched questions about Mt Pleasant School, Selwyn House School and Tawa Intermediate. We then researched the answers for the questions about the school and found if it applied. We also did the same thing but applied it to the cities that our Quadblogging buddies are from - Christchurch and Wellington. This meant that we were learning about our buddies, 'relating to others' and we finally looked online for a tool to publish our quiz questions with. Thanks to Stephen from the Ins and Outs who recommended Quiz Revolution. This quiz is about Tawa Intermediate and the city of Wellington.

Thanks to the students of Tawa Intermediate who pointed out the two questions that had mistakes in them, we thought that our information from the Internet was a hundred percent correct! We have fixed the original questions so that the Pool question is correct.


  1. Hi Room 5,
    I'm from Tawa Intermediate and we don't have a canteen and there is no pool on the school grounds.
    But apart from that the quiz is pretty good.
    How else could you improve it?

    From Helen

  2. Hi
    I'm from tawa int
    Thanks for the quiz it is very cool.
    But some of the questions are wrong like we don't have a pool or canteen
    Thanks Giorgione

  3. Hi everybody sorry Tawa Intermsiate about the mistakes me and Levi are going to edit it and make more questions thanks for playing!
    Melville Intermediate School

  4. You're kidding me! Those were two of the questions I got right! How funny!

    1. Well at least everyone has that one sorted out now!

  5. Hi Room 5,

    Thanks for an awesome quiz it was really fun! What a great way for blogggers to interact with the blog.

    8C Nadia