Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Melville Intermediate - LOL Drinks make it to MIS thanks to R5 and our learning Network!

Today was the first official day that LOL drinks were sold from the Canteen at Melville Intermediate School.  Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that earlier in the year we used our learning network of friends to locate and find all of the menus and canteen lists that we could find from around New Zealand and also around the world.  We want to take this opportunity again to thank everyone that contrinuted towards our gathering of information and data.  We haven't finished yet.  The first two new items have appeared on the MIS Canteen menu - LOL drinks were
sold today and on Friday American Hotdogs will be be sold from our Canteen.

While Damien and Wattana are two of the classroom representatives from Room Five we couldnt have made the changes and improvements to our menu for our students without the help of those people who gave us, and the entire school options. 


  1. Wow! Your school is very lucky to have LOL drinks. I've never heard of them before. Maybe they will be sold at our school too. It is always good to come and visit your blog to see all the amazing things you are all doing at your school.

    Miss Lavakula, Room 13@Pt England School

  2. I say you all walking around yesterday with the LOL drinks. I didn't even know we were selling them at school. I was wondering if anyone from your class has tried these drinks and how they would describe the taste? Is it an energy drink, Soft drink, or some other type of drink?

    If it sounds tasty I might have to buy one for myself.