Friday, June 28, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Waikato Inter Intermediate Dance Day 2013

At Peachgrove Intermediate there was a dance day called "Work it Out".  

There were two girls that were instructing us.  Marcus, Carlos and Ngarama and I went from our school.  At first the girls were just introducing themselves and what we were going to do.  Then we got up and learnt a new dance in just one hour.   It was really tough to memorise it was really tough to memorise but after it looked awesome.

Later on we got divided into six groups.  Ngarama and I were together with four other girls.  Marcus and Carlos were with some others.   Firstly our job was to add on to the dance we had already learned and we all then got to know each other better.   We then performed our dance.

Next we got some music and a theme we had to make our own dance.  It was really hard because we got a slow song.   We performed our dance in front of everyone else.   Then it was lunch time.  Mrs Wilson took our school to the nearby bakery - we got pies and a drink with something nice and sweet.

We went back to Peachgrove and then we had a huge challenge.  The challenge was that we had to join our groups together and mix the dances we had learned.   The instructor gave us some help and then it looked really good.  Some parents came and watched our performances.   My favourite one was Carlos and Marcus dance - they had the best music 'turn the lights on'.   We went to the carpark and took some pictures and then we talked all the way back to school.

Report by Romanjot Singh.

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