Sunday, July 29, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Unknown at School Assembly

On Friday morning the Melville Intermediate School hold our school assembly.  This Friday just passed there was an opportunity for our students to see our Y8 school band perform, 'Unknown' (the school band) performed 'Perfect' which was originally a song by Fairground Attraction.  The same evening the school participated in the Waikato  Intermediate Battle of the Bands competition, which Mr Bell was able to attend.  Footage of the event will be uploaded this week.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Mihi Explanation

A Mihi is an introduction to tell people who you are and where you come from.  A Mihi is used when you meet or greet someone or a group of people.  There are different things contained in each Mihi, but these are some of the common things:

  • Ko _____________ the maunga (the mountain nearest to where you were born)
  • Ko _____________ the river (nearest to where you were born)
  • Ko _____________ te iwi (tribe you associate with)
  • Ko _____________ te hapu (sub tribe)
  • Ko _____________ te Waka (traditional Maori Waka associated with your area)
  • Ko _____________ taku matua (name of your Dad, their first name)
  • Ko _____________ taku mama (name of your Mum, their first name)
  • Ko _____________ taku ingoa (your first name)
Then you finish you Mihi with a saying, like Tena Koutou, Tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.  The video below is me going through all of the steps.

Melville Intermediate - Cross Country 2012 Part 2

On the 26 of July Melville Intermediate ran a school cross country. The course 2 and a half kilo meters long. The top six out of the year eight boys have to go to the inter intermediate cross country.
Cross Country 2012 Part 2 on PhotoPeach

Melville Intermediate: Cross Country 2012

As we speak the students of Melville Intermediate School are completing the Cross Country for 2012! These pictures are from the earlier event less than fifteen minutes ago.
Cross Country 2012 on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Pass the Blog Featuring MIS

Our friends from St Marys School in Mosgiel have been running a special site called 'Pass the Blog' a collaborative site for teachers, where a different teacher runs the site every week. This week its been the turn of Mrs Kneally and her class. They've featured some great work this week including information about the passing of Margaret Mahey and earlier this week they were practising their Maori language with Reanna and Tara from Melville Intermediate School, you can view the post and the site by clicking on the link to it here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Maori Hand Games Lesson

Te Maori Ringaringa Kemu
Step One: You need five or more in a group.  The group forms a circle.
Step Two: to start the game you use the words below in a beat pattern.
Atawhai mai aku ringa
Hand Action:
Slap both hands on your knees and then clap your hands together.  Continue this in a rhythm.
Here are the words to use next in the game:
Pukana hi Pukana ha
Pukana, Pukana, Pukana, Pukana.
Step Three: the first person to start will say:
Pukana hi Pukana ha
Hand Action:
Clap facing towards the person to your right and go around the whole group first. 
Step Four: to get someone out you use these words:
Aue hi, Au ha pukana
Hand Action:
The right hand is a fist pointed to anyone in the group.  You left hand is across your chest.  If the beat is broken when you say Aui hi, Aue ha, you are also out of the game.  The winner of the game is the last person in the circle.

Maori Hand Game 2012 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Melville Intermediate - MIS Buidling Improvements T3

This term we've got some significant improvements being made to Melville Intermediate School, some of the old boxed gardens that were outside in the school grounds have been removed and replaced with seating and more user friendly area's for the students! We sent Jamie, Elizabeth and Bianca with a camera to these areas to record whats the changes in progress and they filmed this on Friday 20th July 2012.
Following Elizabeth's efforts outside of the Tuck shop the girls moved to the changing shed area by the field, and Bianca and the group filmed this.

Melville Intermediate - Maori Language Week Suggested Site

If you've got a spare moment and are looking for a wonderful site for Maori Language Week, then we suggest that you go and visit Room 12 from New River Primary.  They've come up with some great ideas for Maori Language Week, created some wonderful resources and are available for Skyping for those who are interested in learning, which is a wonderful thing! You can click on the link to their fantastic site by clicking here.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Visit Mr Aistons' Class Page

On Friday in class Room Five went and visited Mr Aistons class page at Newdale Primary School in England.  Its got a great range of postings from his students and work of students and well worth a look.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Life as a water drop

Life as a water drop
Life as a water drop is easy if you like going through lot of change a mean that water cycle is crazy a few days ago I was minding my own business with my mates in the water source when all of a sudden I start to float I realized I had evaporated for the first time it felt really really weird and just when I started to get used to it I get sucked up and condensed into this cloud I would have liked it there if there wasn’t thousands upon millions of us all squished together. I counted day before the cloud finally let loose and I sighed in relief we had finally got to the precipitation part of my journey it felt great to be rain and I’m glad I didn’t hit land. I fell and got back in the water source and here I am now but it’s only a matter of time before it all happens again until then bye.

By Samuel Room Five

Melville Intermediate - Pakuranga College Perform

This the final highlights video from the performance by Pakuranga College at the end of last term on June 26th.   The students from Pakuranga did an amazing job and held our students spell bound for the duration of the performance.  Well done to Mr Bell from Melville Intermediate School for making it possible.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Prep 2011 Final Highlights

Later this term its PREP (Primary Enterprise Program) for Melville Intermediate School students and our famous market day.   The students of MIS will start preparing their businesses later in this term and what a better way to inspire the students than looking at our 2011 highlights, filmed at Melville Intermediate in September 2011 by Mr Bell our school music teacher.

This is the final video in the series.

Melville Intermediate - PREP 2012

This term brings our 2012 PREP program (Primary Enterprise Program) which culminates in a market day at Melville Intermediate School early in Term Four.  The students have to organise themselves into a business, run this business, and sell their good or service to the consumers.  As a warm up for ideas these videos were shot by Mr Bell (our music teacher) in 2011 that detailed our market day.

It was a frantic and hectic day as the students sought to deal with the consumers, some of the students were extremely competitive in their production and selling, as they knew their were prizes for the most money collected (MISM's: Melville Intermediate School Money) and best business idea.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Melville Survivor 2012!

Starting this coming week is the return of an all new series of a firm favourite! We had in 2011 the inaugural series of 'Melville: Survivor'.  It was the first time that we'd attempted to film a regular episodic TV show on our class page featuring some of the students from our school.  Our 2011 film crew learned a whole lot during the process and when we had the brain storming session at the end of the school there was a consensus that we wouldn't shoot it again.  Some of the episodes involved having four cameras running at once from different angles, and a considerable amount of editing.  It was decided that as a 'one off' it was something that the students wouldn't do again, we reckoned without the enthusiasm of some of the 2011 audience who wanted to be involved so this week we have the first episode of the new season.

As a reminder this is episode nine from the 2011 season.  We had the students divided into two teams Y7 and Y8 students.  Initially competition between the two teams was neck and neck until the Y7 students gained an advantage they didn't release eliminating the Y8 students in three successive episodes.  The final Y8 student who remained was Mia, who managed to avoid elimination in the previous episode just.  She faced three remaining Y7 students, and was desperate to gain the immunity idol to avoid elimination.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Pakuranga College Band Part Two

In the final week of school we had this special performance from the Pakuranga High School Band.  They performed at Melville Intermediate School to an appreciative audience of students.  Kobe was at hand at the back of the Melville Intermediate School hall and recorded this footage of the show.

Melville Intermediate - At the Teachers Desk

At the Teachers Desk is a collaborative site with a number of teachers contributing to it from New Zealand (including Mr Webb), Australia and the United States of America.  Its aimed at educators so if you're a teacher reading this site go and check it out by clicking on the link.

Thank you all very much for your visit, as you are probably aware its currently the school holidays in New Zealand and the end of our term two break.  The first regular day of school is Monday 16th July and we look forward to getting back in contact with everyone again at this stage.  Thanks for your visit in the meantime.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Malesha's Term Two Recount

This recount is by a student from Room Five, Malesha.

I have enjoyed term two this year.  I have been involved in school activities and I am proud of myself.

For my option classes I went into Zumba.  It was fun getting myself dancing and laughing.  In Zumba we all learnt how to do the salsa, hip hop, country dancing and more.  My next option was bone carving.  I loved bone carving, a had a lot of experience doing bone carving.  We learnt the meanings for the bones and also did research.  Then we got a chance to make the bone carving and a necklace Taonga (treasure).  It was a lot of fun.  For my technology classes this term I went to music.  We learnt a lot of chords and we all got a chance to have a turn at all the instruments, there were key boards, music making and the rock band with Mr Bell.  Our school also got a chance to watch a hip hop show but that was only those who paid the $6.00 to see it.  The group that was in the hip hop were all very talented dancers.  I have really enjoyed term two, and have been fortunate to experience a lot.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Veronica's Extension Cooking Recount

On Monday afternoons I have extension cooking.   Extension cooking is when the cooking teacher, Mrs Brown, picks up how ever many kids she wants and does an extension cooking program.  Now I'm going to tell you about when we made the orange muffin.  First we had to get out all of our items out.  I started smiling when we saw that we had a great big orange.  I got my friend to peel it while I made the mix for the muffins.  All my friend was doing after she had grated the orange was asking if I needed help doing this and that by the time I was done we were ready to put the muffins in the oven.  After 14 to 20 minutes we had to take the muffins out and they looked some yum! At 3:00pm we had to go home sadly my friend came back from where she had to go and that meant that I didn't get to eat her muffins as well as mine.  I've really liked the opportunity to be involved in extension cooking this term.  Report by Veronica a student from Room Five, Melville Intermediate School.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Douglas Food Technology Recount

On Monday after interval we have technology.  I'm in food technology and its yum.  This term we've got to make a banana smoothy.  Me and my cooking partner copied the step by step instructions.  When we finished we had to do our duties.  We we finished our duties we drank our smoothies.  It was super duper yummy.  On Tuesday afternoon we also have technology, our second session of the week.  We had to cook corn fritata - it was steaming hot! We put it on a plate and ate it.  It was delicious.  When we finished our fritata  our duties were dishwasher, dish dryer, house keeper and special.  Dishwasher washes the dishes, dish dryer dries the dishes, and special cleans the floor then ask the teacher for special jobs.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Ryan's Term Two Recount

This term one of our subjects was poetry.  We learnt up to nineteen different types of poetry, and did lots of examples.  We also completed work on procedural writing, both with photos and without photos.  We used procedural writing for our celebrations task as well.  We also entered the KWN competition.  We have been storyboarding this for the last couple of weeks.  My groups chose Ecology as our theme.  We have been researching a chosen celebration each, my one was on Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.   We researched the history and why it happened.  We also completed our work on options and technology.  I was in woodwork for technology for the start of the term and I was in music for technology and options.  We also did Drama with Mrs Bleakin.  We learnt different types of drama and different kinds of games.  One of main subjects was also Matariki.  We chose one planet to research and learnt about the constellations.  My favourite thing of all this term was music options because we got to do anything that we wanted to do and I choose to work on producing songs with garageband.   Ryan is a student of Room Five and wrote this recount about the work that he has completed in term two of 2012.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Connors Term Two Recount

This term I have been involved in guitar lessons which has been pretty awesome learning chords.  I have also liked the shows that have been staged here such as the Revolution hip hop tour and the Royal Family hip hop tour.  We were very privileged to see these shows.  This term for options I was in the rugby option with Brent and Joseph.  I enjoyed rugby even though it was pretty sore being tackled.  I found it really fun with wood and tools in the woodwork room with Mr Yardley.  I liked the result of my bird house from Technology.