Friday, October 19, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Levi's Ski Recount

On the last day of school on Friday night me and my family went to Rarotonga.  It was freezing cold when we left New Zealand.  The plane ride was three and a half hours long and we arrived at Rarotonga at 10:40pm.  Once we got off the plane it was very warm.  In the airport we had to go through customs and then go to a backpackers for the night.  That morning my friend and I got up and went for a swim straight away.  We took a bus to our resort and went to our rooms.  Once we had unloaded our bags we went for a swim again.  The pool at the resort had a water slide.  Then we went to get our three scooters and our one car.  Riding on a scooter is so much fun.  In the car you don't have to wear a seatbelt and you can sit on the back of the car.  For the next three days we snorkelled everyday.  On Sunday, which is New Zealand's Monday we went on Captain Tama's cruise.  It was really awesome.  On Monday we went to the markets.  There were a lot of things to buy.  On Tuesday there we went snorkelling again and then on Wednesday we went on an island safari.  We went up giant mountains and down big slopes.   Friday was a sleepy day and at quarter to one we left Rarotonga to take a four hour plane ride to return to New Zealand.

As part of our Term Four work, each student in Room Five has to write a recount for their portfolio about an activity that they were involved with for the Term Three holiday break.


  1. Rarotonga sounds so nice right now.I still have a coat on in the morning and it's October. Bring on summer.
    I enjoyed the details you added to your writing like Friday being a 'sleepy day' and the 'giant mountains - made me even more jealous!

  2. Hi Levi, what a great holiday you had! I haven't been to Rarotonga yet, but your recount really made me want to go there.

    Miss Lepou