Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Sam's persuasive writing

This term the students of Melville Intermediate School had to produce a piece of persuasive writing about a topic of thier choice.  Sam from Room Five chose to write about Minecraft. 

Persuasive writing = why minecraft should be a learning game at schools.

Hello today I am going to tell you about why Minecraft should become a learning game at school. I am doing this as a part of my school work on persuasive writing.

Minecraft it’s a game where you kill monsters build houses and all sorts of things that don’t make any sense and also it doesn’t really look like something that has anything to do with learning and really that pretty much true but there is one good reason that Minecraft should be allowed at school as a learning game. That thing is maths yes I know I said maths and I know what you’re thinking what does maths have to do with minecraft well I’ll tell you. Minecraft uses the 3 architectural side of maths perimeter radius and area and sometimes if you’re planning something in a book it uses adding and times. And what do theses thing have to do with Minecraft well if you’re trying to make a house of wood and you what to make it out of a plan then in the plan you need to think how high it will be, how tall, how wide it will be and also how much of what you want to be made of you need and all of the working out uses those three architectural side of maths
So as you can see Minecraft can have a learning purpose and I hope you conceder what I have told you and to recap Minecraft uses the architectural side of maths and sometimes adding and times tables and this why you should conceder have Minecraft in your class room bye for now and thanks for listening

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  1. Hi Sam,
    My name is Joseph,I liked the points that you had about Minecraft and why it should be allowed in classrooms.
    I myself have only played Minecraft a couple of times but those couple of times I played it I really enjoyed and hope to get an account.
    Have you heard of the Yogscast? If you haven't you should definitely watched their series.