Monday, October 15, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Survivor: Melville 2012 Starts Tomorrow!

After a term of planning, after weeks of pre production and organization behind the scenes the first episode of Survivor: Melville the 2012 season is being shot tomorrow! Today the teams were officially selected for the competition.  Each contestant had to draw from a container, those players who pulled a red bandana would make up the 'Whero' team.  Whero for 2012 consists of Tara from Room One, Aublix from Room Two, Brent from Room Five, Tyryn from Room Six and Bunnarath from Room Eight.

Competing against them is Parauri The 2012 team consists of Keziah from Room Seven, Veronica from Room Twelve, Adrian from Room Thirteen, Woody from Room Fourteen and Mitchell from Room Eighteen.


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