Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Deightons Minecraft Exposition

This was a complusory written task for all Room Five students this term, to write a recount about a topic of their choice.  This was written by Deighton about Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the best games of all time well to me anyway. I like Minecraft because it involves building and you need to be creative (like me I am very creative) and you can. Let’s talk about mobs (aka monsters) mob no.1 zombies are green skinned with a light blue top dark blue pants mob no.2 a skeleton is bone white and carries a bow and arrows and mob no.3 spiders they are black with red eyes and can climb walls there tricky to avoid. Mob no.4 cave spiders are a bluish black and poison you. Mob no.5 creepers they are green with four legs and Blow up. Mob no.6 slimes they are green and multiply fast you find them close to bedrock. Mob no.7 ghast’s are huge white and pretty much ghosts. Mob no.8 blazes are yellow and orange with smoke pouring out of it plus they cause fires. Then there are blocks that you mine first coal then there is iron and gold and the crystals are diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli and ruby. Plus you can build whatever you want like a house a hidden door and a mob spawner I will teach you how to make a creeper spawner you will need Redstone, creeper eggs, one pressure plate and a dispenser. Good bye for now. 


  1. Hi Deighton!
    I play Minecraft as well, but just the pocket edition. I prefer to play Survival over Creative because its more of a challenge and stays interesting longer. Which one do you prefer?~Sophie

  2. Sophie
    Deighton's left a comment for your in Canada, thanks so much for leaving us a comment in New Zealand we really appreciate your visit.