Monday, October 29, 2012

Melvlle Intermediate - CPA at Te Pahu Primary

Our hands were sweating, our teeth were chattering, it was almost time to perform to Te Pahu Primary School. We were all standing on the stage in our Maori costumes, waiting to unleash our pukana. Simon bursted out the command that started our entire performance, and that's when it all begun!

  We all went from nervous to excited. From then on, we were all strong in our performance. When we finished our Maori section, we rushed off stage to zoom into our Samoan costumes. The girls performed their Siva and then the boys came on and we all performed the sasa. We finished our Samoan section, and had to once again zoom into our Hawaiian Costumes. During our short changing times, our Hawaiian teacher, performed a few dances of her own. It was time to go on stage again. Our first dance of the section, was a big hit, but the second was even bigger! We exited the stage with a round of applause from Te Pahu primary.

By Elizabeth and Rebekah

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