Sunday, October 14, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Elizabeths WaiMaths 2012 Recount


‘Tick, Tick, Tick.’ The Stopwatch stared, Blair, Connor and I raced to answer the first question. “It’s this, No, This!” We were wasting precious time just on the first question! “Just put down this” I said. We scribbled down our answer and passed it to the judge…..”CORRECT!” J he said, “WOOOO!” We shouted. There were a few stares but we didn’t care.

We got through the first few questions with ease but after those there were quite a few bumps in the road.L “I don’t get it” “What’s the answer” we had absolutely no Idea what we could have done. “Let’s just put down this.” Connor suggested. We handed it over to the judge; Blair had put the answer down on a line that had 3rd attempt next to it. “Sorry, guys…” He started, “...It’s wrong.” We had a sad moment but we carried on with positive attitude.

“There’s only 10 seconds on the clock!” I screamed. I was so nervous I was shuffling and jumping in my seat, I nearly fell off! “NO, NO, NO!, don’t put that down, it’s this!” I told them the answer and they rushed to scribble it down. Just as we handed over the answer the buzzer went off “NOOO!” We hollered with disappointed. We still asked the judge if we got the answer correct, “Sorry guys, you should have handed it in earlier, you got it right!” “WOOO!”

We had an enjoyable night and we (meaning the year 7 tem,) came 25th out of 32 schools. You might think that it’s not that great, but that’s a pretty big thing for us!
By Elizabeth
Room 5

Last term every student in Room Five had to publish one recount about an event they were involved in for thier portfolio, this class page and the school newsletter/magazine.  This is written by Elizabeth from Room Five and is about her pariticpation in the 2012 WaiMaths Mathematics Competition.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I thought that was such an interesting story about your maths competition. I really liked the detail and how you used lots of speech marks. Thank you for leaving me a comment.

    from Cameo