Monday, October 29, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Survivor Melville: Episode One!

Today it finally kicked off! The highly anticipated 2012 series of Survivor:Melville. The two teams for 2012 are Whero (Red) and Parauri (Brown). Weather was variable for the first challenge forcing the teams inside for a 2011 series favourite 'The Tower of Doom'.

Each team nominated one player who threw four dice, the dice were turned over to the 'six' side before a cup placed on top would determine the winner. The first team to score five points would claim immunity and more importantly would send the other team straight to elimination! With only ten competitors this year the first elimination was vitally important. No-one would want to have the distinction of going out first. Filmed by Reanna from Room One, presented by Veronica from Room Five, this is Survivor:Melville!


  1. Morena Room 8,
    Having not watched Survivor on TV I was interested to see Survivor:Melville. Very competitive and it looks like some definite strategies are in play by the teams. As for the end...ruthless! Will look out for Episode 2.

  2. @Fiona - Yes Brent (whose in Room Five the host class) was very surprised to be eliminated in the first episode, he had a plan to work with some others but they all voted against him eliminating him from the game, he was particularly surprised to be eliminated by Bunnarath, who is a close friend!

  3. Hey Room 5,

    We loved watching your Survivor video clip. We are waiting for the next episode. A lot of us have watched survivor before and thought it was cool to see a class do it. Our teacher told us that her class last year use to enjoy watching the Survivor episodes.

    Thanks for sharing and can't wait for Episode 2!!

    From the New Town Kapai Kiwi's
    North Carolina

    1. Veronica and the team were very excited to hear that people are watching their TV show in the USA, and yes we did do it last year with the 2011 class but we are hopping that the lessons learned form last year mean that it will be more exciting and successful!

  4. I had to rewatch to check what the rules were. Cunning.

    Where did you get the ideas from?

    How did you decide on what games to play? Looking forward to round two!