Friday, October 5, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Recount Writing

This term we had to write a recount in class, this is Ryan's recount about his term holiday break.

In the second week of the holidays my brother and my sister and I travelled to my grandma’s house for a week. She lives up at Whakatane so we had to drive for 2 hours to get there. She lives on a big farm .when we got there my cousins were there as well, they stayed there the week as well. We brought our ps3 because they have two other remotes. We played modern warfare 3 while we were there. She also has sky and my cousins brought there soccer nets over so we played a bit of soccer she also has a spa. We went in it some nights on Friday night we stayed at our cousin’s place. Saturday morning we went into town, our mum gave us a bit of money to spend so we went and got some lunch from a restaurant before heading back to grandmas. My parents came and stayed the night and on the way back home we ended up borrowing some games off our cousins and the borrowed some games off us. Overall it was really fun staying the entire week. The meals were delicious I didn’t like leaving just before the first day of school though.      

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