Monday, October 8, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Kylie Compost Speech

Earlier in Term Two every student at Melville Intermediate School had to give a speech about a topic related to sustainability.  The students had to perform their speech in front of the classroom and be judged by their peers and the teacher.  This is a transcript of Kylie's speech which was on the topic of garden compost.

Hi and good morning/afternoon my name is Kylie and my speech is about compost. I chose to do this topic because compost is really sustainable and it could be really interesting. I know a lot of things about compost and there are a lot of people that use it for there garden. I haven’t used compost before but I’ve learnt about it. Compost is a great soil conditioner and is one of the best things for your garden. Compost is made out of garden waist such as lawn clippings and dead plants.

 It is sustainable because you can put it in your garden and it will help your vegetables grow healthier. It has been decomposed and recycled as a fertiliser and soil. Also compost is the key ingredient to organic farming. It can also be made out of kitchen scraps, banana peels, leaves, apple cores and straw. You can use a lot of things for compost. It’s good to keep the compost wet so that the warmth keeps the vegetables warm so in winter they won’t die of frost. In Egypt they spread the compost straight onto the fields. Mostly 26% of compost is made out of kitchen waist. Compost should not be used with starting plants because the soil will be to strong. You cannot put anything in compost if it has thorns, seeds, bulbs, vines or runners.

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