Monday, October 1, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Prize Giving Assembly T3 2012

At the end of each term Melville Intermediate Schools hold their famous prize giving assembly, called the positive draw in the Hall, and students whose positive behavior has been recognised with a slip for that term have their names in a box with a chance to win a prize.  This term also saw something 'special' when it was announced that there would be special guest performers at the show.  Some of our students were very excited, however as Veronica from Room Five heard the announcement she said "oh it will just be the teachers being stupid again". 

Sadly for the performing arts, Veronica was correct, as the band performing was 'Known' a take on the MIS School band is 'Unknown'.  The first half of their performance was Whaea Shervan and Mr Dawson 'performing' Dancing Queen by Abba, the second was an 'All Star' performance that featured Mrs Wilson, Whaea Lyndon and dancers with Whaea Shervan performing a version of 'Respect'.  It may have set musical performance back years, but these 'highlights' were filmed by Mr Webb on Friday 28th September 2012.  See you all on Monday 15th October for the start of Term Four.

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