Monday, August 5, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Challenge for Minister of Education

On Friday 2nd of August Melvlle Intermediate had a very special visitor to our school, the Minsiter of Education, Hekia Parata.   The whole school welcome her for her very special visit which included a wero (challenge) at the entrace to Melville Intermediate School, which was made by Matua Tutu and the Boys from Room One.   This video was filmed by Manish and Nathan H from Room Five.
Hekia Parata Visit 2/8/13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Wiremu wrote this about his involvement in the Wero:
'When Hekia Parata arrived my stomach instantly felt all funny.  I was scared that I might get something wrong.  But in the end I overcame my fear and done everything right'.

Tre wrote this about his involvement:
'I was nervous and scared when I spotted her in the car along the street.  One of the teachers gave me the go sign and I went with my mean as taiaha'


  1. Hi Room 8,
    I am Lilli from 8C

    This looks really awesome and I wish that there was more Maori culture involved in Selwyn House! Hopefully we will be doing Kapa Haka later in the year.

    Lilli 8C
    Selwyn House

    1. Li We would love to see your Kapa Haka later in the year at Selwyn House and we are really lucky with the culture of the students at our school and the efforts that they put in.

    2. Hi Mr Webb.

      I am part of the Ngai Tahu tribe and for my year 8 speech I have decided to write a persuasive speech about how I think that you shouldn't be able to graduate from primary school without knowing most basic words of the Maori language.

      8C Selwyn House

  2. This is so awesome. Well done, R1 boys. What an honour to be involved.

    Manish and Nathan, I think you have a future in television!

    1. Yes the Boys were extremely nervous prior to the start of welcome but we were thrilled with the job that they did, they really represented the school and their whanau well.