Thursday, August 1, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Selwyn House inspire our writing

Today in class we were looking for an energizer with our writing.   We were looking for a problem to solve or something to contribute too.  Of course our class is signed up for AoteaQuadblogging with three other classes from around New Zealand and we saw that our friends from Selwyn House in Christchurch had posted their new unit of study - but even better, posted a Google Doc of a series of problem and how to solve them.  We took the problems, modified them slightly, and then used them as our writing task for today. 


  1. Hi Room 8,

    How were your holidays? What were your highlights?

    This is so cool to see! Great to see our unit inspired your writing. We are learning strategies for solving the conflicts ourselves instead of finding an external person such as a teacher to solve it. Sometimes talking to an adult is the best solution but we need to try to solve it ourselves first.

    As much as it pains me to say it, Go the Chiefs! (Sniff..........) ;)

    Mrs C-M

  2. Hi Room 8,

    That is great to see we have inspired your writing! I'd love to see some of the pieces of your writing. What was one of the hardest conflicts to write about?

    Charlotte 8C, Selwyn House School Christchurch, New Zealand

  3. Kiora Room 8

    We are a mixed grade class from South Africa because we class is a Montessori class. We range from 9 - 12years old (Grades 4 - 6)

    We wanted to tell you that we really liked your handwriting. In our class the girls uusally have better handwriting than the boys.

    We also like the dinosaur sticker!

    Thank you for your friendly comments on our blog! Visit us again soon. It makes us feel excited and motivated to get comments. Sometimes it feels like we are blogging and blogging and no one visits.

    Have a great week,
    love from Miss Tyler-SAmith's Montessori 9-12 class
    Cape Town, South Africa

  4. Hi Room 8,
    It is really cool to see that you have used our new U.O.I as your writing topic.
    I hope how you enjoyed it.