Monday, August 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Is this 8C Selwyn House?

Today for Mathematics we continued our classroom building process... of our Aotearoa Quadblogging buddies 8C from Selwyn House... today we used cubes to make a three dimensional model of what we think the classroom looks like.  The process has involved detailed questioning, the construction of a 2d model and this is the next stage in the process.  We're looking for feedback from our friends, and then we are looking to refine the model and then publish it in a 3d model in Minecraft.  This video is presented by Damien from Room Five and was filmed in class this morning.  Damien created this as an explanation piece.
Selwyn House 3d Model from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. dear Melville school
    I think you have made a lovely blog. it is very interesting

  2. Dear Melville Intermediate School
    I think your blog is very interesting and lovely. I like the way you guys do your maths, it is kind of the same way we do our maths.

    1. Thanks for your positive word and interesting that our Maths are the same despite the different countries - are you learning about Geometry at the moment too in South Africa?

  3. Great job, Room 5. This is not too different to our classroom. We'll send you a video of a model of our classroom. We hope that helps you.

    Sarah Be, 8C