Monday, August 5, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Minecraft Collaborative Site

We've had a Minecraft craze sweeping Room Five at the moment - our students are very excited by the game and the possibilities.  One site that we've really enjoyed look at is from Mr Wood and his collaborative Minecraft Quest site.  There are currently a range of challenges and examples on the site with more still to come.  You can visit Mr Woods wonderful site by clicking on the link here.

Since the end of last week the students of Room Five have had an opportunity to take part in the quests that are listed on the site.  We're writing about our experiences completing the quests, taking screen shots of the 'build' and will be posting them on our class page later this week.


  1. Hi. I am Lilli from 8C Selwyn House,

    This website looks really good, I think I might start using it!!

    8C Selwyn House

  2. Hi Mr Webb
    Thank you very much for this awesome link. The children in my class are also caught up in a Minecraft craze and I have been looking for ways to use it in the classroom! Mr Wood's site is exactly what I have been looking for!