Thursday, August 22, 2013

Melville Intermediate - What does Selwyn House look like?

 This morning in our class we have been designing 2-D models of 8cs class but we have come across a problem, Lots of us have asked the same questions but we have all been getting different answers so we have no idea at all what theyre classroom loos like. could you please all decide on a set of answers so we can design your classroom.

- How many doors are in the classroom? - some of the students say that there are two doors in the classroom and some have said that there are three.  Elizabeth from Room Five thinks that this is because one of the doors is a double door and the other door is a fire door.  

- How many windows are there in Selwyn House in 8c?  We had two different answers from the students.  Some of the students said that there was seventeen windows and others said that there were nine windows.  We thought that this could have been because some of the windows were double windows.

- Are the desks set out around the teachers desk or in a cluster of four desks? We thought that we were told that all of the desks were in a circle around the teachers desk in the middle and others thought that the desks were in the top left hand corner of the class, in a group.

- Where is the coffee table and the couches in the classroom? We think that they are located in the bottom right hand corner of the classroom (the South East corner) because that's the only space in the classroom that we couldnt allocate.  The middle picture in this series is Elizabeth and Jamie working on a two dimensional map of what they think Selwyn House in Christchurch is like!


  1. Hi Room 5,

    That's quite funny although somewhat frustrating for you. It is an interesting lesson in 8C getting a common definition of what qualifies as a door, window etc.

    There are three doors- two are classroom exits which lead out into a corridor and the third goes into a common storage space which we share with the class next door.

    I would settle on 17 windows- obviously some girls have included the windows on the doors. On one side (the north side of our classroom) there are 11 large windows which overlook our playground. On the South wall, up very high, there are six small windows that are above the back corridor.

    Our coffee table sits on top of a white rug at the west end of the classroom, right in front of the teachers' desk. There are couches facing the coffee table, one backs onto the teachers desk and the other backs up against the north wall where the windows are. The teachers desk is about two third of the way along the West wall about three metres in front of the South Wall.

    Hopefully that clarifies a few points for you. The girls are desperate to take a photo to help you out but I think that might defeat the purpose of the task, am I right?

    Mrs C-M

    1. Mrs C-M
      Thanks so much for your response about your classroom. The language that you used is amazing and we really enjoyed that aspect of the task. Why we were gettting responses to the same question that were different from all of the students. That caused us all manner of internals questions and it lead us to think critically about our questions and how we'd wrote them. It was a wonderful experience so thank you very much.

  2. Ooops one more thing, the desks are in four clusters- two against the north wall and two against the south.

    Mrs C-M

  3. Hello Room 5

    I love your layout of the classroom and that you made a presentation with flashing lights, disco balls and fireworks.
    It looks cool with the special effects.

    Tomas from

  4. Hello Melville Intermediate School
    My name is Marzia and I am from Cape Town South Africa like the way you asked different questions and answered them very scientifically we have very interesting things on our blog at the moment we are finishing off our Japan theme and Ancient Egypt. You should visit our blog some time.
    From Marzia(12years old)M9-12