Thursday, August 1, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Week One, Term Three, Commenting.

Between now and Friday you need to visit the following sites and look at the work the students have posted to start the term.  You need to leave at least one comment to one of the pages.  Remember that you comment must follow the correct format, that it includes your first name only, our class and URL that the comment reflects that you have read or viewed the post in detail and asks at least one question at the end of it.  All of the classes that are listed are on our sidebar of classroom links or you can click directly on the URL below.

Miss Tyler Smiths Class from South Africa have set up a number of posts and links to other sites.  Some of your had your inquiry from Term Two based around aspects of Egypt, they've got some great links to the BBC Pyramid Building Site.  You can click on their class page at this address.

Room Seven at Vardon School in Hamilton, New Zealand have been busy posting at the end of last term and always have some fantastic work and posts on their site.  You can visit their page to look by clicking on this link here.

Our Quadblogging buddies from 8C in Selwyn House, Christchurch have started their new unit of inquiry, and this term they are looking at 'Sharing Our Planet' although its only the first week of school they've already used Google Drive to share the starting of their unit., which is something that we are going to do this morning in class, just before interval.  

Mrs Mel B's class from Tokomaru School like us are doing Netball for Physical Education for the rest of the term, they're also very luck that they are having representatives from Netball Manawatu come and run the sessions with their students.  You can che here.
ck out what they've been doing by clicking on the link

Room Twelve from New River Primary School are looking at 'Cultures of the World' this term.  They've started by learning a Samoan Sasa and having experts coming in for the tutition.  You can read about that and see the pictures.

Finally we can't forget our friends from Point England School.   Room Thirteen are very good communicators and have a wonderful class page, as do the students and other classes.  You can view their work on 'Lifes a Stage' for Term Three by looking at their Immersion assembly here

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  1. Kiora Room 8!

    Thank you for listing our blog as one of the blogs to visit, we REALLY like visitors. It inspires us to do better and blog harder!

    We also love that we are an offical tag on your blog! Whoop! We can't find your tag/lable widget on your blog though to see what else we're tagged in :o(

    We learn in themes in our class. This term we have themes in different subjects like Ancient Eqypt, Japan, Pirates, Farming/Fishing in South Africa, Air etc
    Do you have themes? What are they? Maybe we could pair us and do the same theme?

    Have a Happy Monday!

    love from Miss Tyler-Smith's Montessori 9-12 class
    Cape Town, South Africa