Monday, August 19, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Quadblogging/Minecraft Collaboration

This term in class we're looking at Geometry as our major subject in Mathematics.  Currently were working on a variety of tasks, one of which is from Figure It Out Geometry, Level Three.  In this task
'Room With A View' (which is from page thirteen if you've got the book in front of you).  Requires you to model a classroom using a speaker phone and reconstruct the classroom through the instructions of the person that you've spoken to.

We thought we'd take it one step further.  We've left comments to our Aotearoa Quadbloggoing Buddy Classes to ask for help with this.  We're going to use the contacts that we made with Selwyn House, Mt Pleasant School and Tawa Intermediate.  We've either left comments or are leaving comments that will give us enough information to construct models using Geometric language.  Over the next week we'll receive replies from our Quadblogging buddies, and then we'll construct the classroom based on our replies.  The construction of the classroom is taking two forms - we're going to draw it, what we think it is like, construct a model of the class, and top it off by building the classroom belonging to our buddies in Minecraft.  We're then going to share the models with the students who are in the classrooms.  A great collaboration that we'll keep updating in the next week and a bit!


  1. This is a genius idea! I love it. I can't wait to see our classroom in Minecraft, Room 5. Very creative use of Minecraft. I know 8C would LOVE to do this.

    Have fun!

    Mrs C-M

  2. I hope you all have fun using Minecraft.

    Sarah Be from 8C

  3. Thanks Mrs C-M and Sarah but we're very excited about this task and looking forward to your involvement in it.