Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Cultural Exchange with Saitama City

We are very lucky to have a group of students from Saitama City in Japan visiting with us this week.  Yesterday we had a large sports exchange with the students - nearly three hundred combined from both Saitama City and Melville Intermediate.  We also had class cultural exchanges on Monday afternoon of the 12th of August.  Footage from that event was recorded by Jamie and Wattana from Room Five.
Saitama City 12/8/13 Cultural Exchange Part One from myles webb on Vimeo.
My buddys name is Shino. My buddy is very cool she is a person that will try anything she is very pretty. She gave me a badge it says Hamilton with the New Zealand  flag and Saitama with the Japanese flag. We had a sports day yesterday and my buddy did everything and she enjoyed it. I gave her a present it was a t-shirt with a kiwi on it but it but it was a key ring and I gave her a kiwi but it was a key ring.  Chloe, Room Five,
At Melville Intermediate we hosted some Japanese students from Saitama in Japan we had this sport block where we had to do a sport with these students. First we played some touch rugby with them and we first taught them how to play the game and we sorted out the teams when they were sorted we started to play the game I passed it to one of the students He ran forward and then ran back because he was scared that he was going to get tug. When he was tug he passed it to Nichola and she ran and we scored the game went very quickly it was disappointing because it went to fast but it has been an enjoyable experience with the Saitama students this year they have taught me a lot like give things a go! Nathan H, Room Five.

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