Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Jamies Minecraft Collaboration

As part of our viewing of the quests from Mr Woods Minecraft Kids Quest Site the students from Room Five were asked to carry out one of the tasks and then write an explanation of the task that they had completed and detail another task that could be created by the site.   This work is written by Jamie from Room Five and the pictures with the post are screen shots of her work.

Learning intention: I am writing explanation for my choices.

1.Minecraft because minecraft is something I enjoyed doing and I always have fun creating houses. My challenge is to make a house for four people which is one one of my favourite things to do on mine craft.
2.My challenge is that im not use to playing on the computer so building this will be different and complicated. The controls are hard too.
3. Yes, I would choose a different Quest because then I will be giving myself a better challenge. Making house’s is fun but next time I would want a bigger challenge.
4. Another Minecraft because its one of my favourite things to do. A new Quest to do would be to make a hospital or something ,more challenging maybe even a hotel. My suggestion is to Make a hospital for at least 10 paitents. With waiting rooms and play areas for the kids. Also with at least 3 storys. This would be educational because I could teach you how to work the hospital and how it works. 

The questions based around this writing were - why did you choose Minecraft, why did you choose the particular challenge, would  you choose a different one, What could be a new quest that you could develop/work on.

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