Monday, August 19, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Biancas Winter Olympic Recount

Winter Olympics!
Day 1:
On Monday the 12th August 2013 36 students including me went to Totara Springs, Matamata to represent Melville Intermediate in our Winter Olympics Sports Camp.  We stayed there from Monday-Friday the 16th August. When the bus got to camp everyone was so excited. When we hoped out of the bus there was a man with a video recording us getting out so then he could put it on the daily highlights of the week. After everyone got their bags we went to our cabins where we set up our beds. There were 2 rooms for the girls. In my room there was Bria, Aleesha, Alanis and I and everyone else was in the other room. In my room there were 2 beds and 1 bunk bed and in the other room there were 6 bunks. After everyone was set up the cross-country runners had to get ready for their run. After the cross-country the golfers, archery and shooters had to get ready. The cross-country track was long but only 1 kid from Melville got in the top 10. Both of the golfers came 2nd. After all of that we had to go to the swimming pool for the swimmers. For swimming we came 2nd in boys breaststroke.  Later that night after dinner we played Scramball. We got 1st equal with Te Puke.
 Day 2:
In the morning after we had breakfast all of the sports started. I was in about 3 sports for that day. We won our netball 12-8 we played Te Puke, we won our touch and we won 1 game of tennis and we lost 1 game but we made it to the semi finals. After lunch we had Boys and Girls basketball and soccer. We won boys basketball and we won girls basketball for that day and we won soccer for that day as well. After dinner we had indoor hockey Boys and Girls, Tennis semi finals, chess, draughts and Boys Table Tennis. Both Boys and Girls won their indoor hockey, We had to postpone our tennis game because it was poring down with rain even though the score was 4-2 to the other team and the boys in table tennis made it into the semi finals but didn’t win their game so we didn’t end up in the finals.

Day 3:
On Wednesday morning after breakfast I straight away had to go get ready for my tennis game that we had to finish. We ended up loosing the semi finals but we were happy that we made it that far. After my tennis game I had to get changed into my netball top so then I could play my games of netball that I had. My first game of netball that I had that morning we lost our game. After that game I had a second game that I had to play but we got thrashed. We also had rugby which we won, boys volleyball which we won, girls basketball which we won, Touch which we lost, soccer which we lost, girls volleyball which we won, boys basketball which we won. After lunch we had boy’s hockey, wallball, softball, boy’s basketball, croquet, girl’s hockey, softball, petanque, girl’s basketball, and soccer. We won boy’s basketball, wallball, softball, croquet and girl’s basketball. After dinner we had indoor soccer, Girls table tennis, and bowls.

Day 4:
On Thursday after breakfast and lunch we had all of the semis and the final games. So on that day there was Rugby, Touch, Netball, Wallball, Boys hockey, Girls volleyball, Boys basketball and Girls basketball. I was playing Touch and Netball. We won out touch so we got into the finals but then we lost the finals. We lost our netball because we weren’t even trying. After dinner we had the cheer teams, darts, girl’s basketball final, caged soccer, boys’ basketball final and girls’ volleyball final. We won the boys basketball, the cheer and we also won the girls volleyball. It was a long night in the end.

Day 5:
When I woke up I thought oh man it’s the last day of Winter Olympics. I get up and pack all of my bags up once I had finished that we went for breakfast after breakfast we went back to our rooms for the last clean up to make sure we had everything all packed in our bag. When that was finished we went and put our bags in the chapel where we meet before the athletics started. For athletics there was javelin, discus, jumping and shot-put. I did the jumping one because I wanted to do something. After athletics it was time for lunch. We had a good lunch break. After the break we had prize giving. We ended up winning 8 trophies and we won 7 certificates for runner-up. We made it into 12 semi finals and ended up in about 10 final. It was a really long tiring week but we made it through with a few injures including me but we still got through it all. I would love to do it again another time.
By Bianca.    

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