Friday, February 13, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Melbourne Storm

On Friday 13th February 2009 Room 8 and Room 2 went to the Gallagher Pool at Melville College for our swimming lesson. The Melbourne Storm players were there. We were able to get some photo's of ourselves with some of the players. Description by Vika, Photographs taken by Kaiya.

The Melbourne Storm NRL side were in New Zealand as part of their pre-season build up. They'd played in Hamilton the night before against the Warriors.

All students at Melville Intermediate School have the option of taking part in swimming. Our school is in the process of selecting the team for the Inter Intermediate Sports competition. This competition involves all of the major schools in the Waikato area competing against each other throughout the year in a variety of sports.

The first school event of 2009 is the School Swimming Sports. Melville Intermediate will be taking a team of around 120 students to this major event. We also next week have the start of our afterschool sports teams with both the Boys and Girls Touch teams starting on Tuesday night and Saturday morning Softball's first games taking place this weekend.


  1. When you look back through your blog in December, it will be amazing to see all of the things that you have experienced. The start of your school year has been very exciting!

  2. Sue one of the great things that will make a difference this year is that Mr Webb has realised the importance of starting in February and not in May, that's another five months of work!