Sunday, February 8, 2009

Melville Intermediate - ICT Interaction in Action

We're always very pleased to be networking with students and classrooms from other countries. Although our blog has been going for less than one week we've already had a special educational moment, our first of 2009!

1 . As part of our 'Getting to know Each Other' students have to learn a Mihi, a Maori introduction. We published Liam's slideshare using online for everyone to view,
2. Mr Lamshed's classroom Hackham East Schools in Adelaide, South Australaia who are learning about Maori Culture for Term One saw the post, and as a result two students from their class created their own Mihi based on Liams instructions. You can find out more about Mr Lamsheds special Boys only classroom by visiting their fantastic website, through our class links.
3. The students, Sam and Ashton published the Mihi on their website
4. We're going to be viewing thier work as a class in our room this week and give them feedback.
5. We're going to help Mr Lamshed's class with their unit as much as possible, learning about the Maori culture involving other students at our school and answer any questions they may have.

Technology can be a powerful tool for students to share their learning with others and this is fantastic example! If you haven't check out any of the work involed in this process - Liam's orignal Slideshare about the Mihi, Mr Lamsheds Boys Blog in Australia, the students work then do so!


  1. How did you make your blog use the whole screen? I would like to do that with mine. Can you let me know?

  2. You hit the nail on the head, technology is such a powerful tool, and the fact that you are able to use it to collaborate with classrooms in other countries is truly awesome. Many teachers struggle collaborating within their own building, much less other schools. Great work.

    Mr. McClung

  3. Hi everyone in room 8. I can't wait to get this started. I am looking forward to working with you all.

    Mr Lamshed

  4. @ Mr McClung yes our highlights of 2008 would have been the interaction with your school!
    @ jarod.lamshed What a thrill for the students to be involved and sharing their learning.