Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Maori Greeting

As part of the start of our 'getting to know you' unit of work students have been working to prepare a Mihi. A Mihi is a greeting in Maori that informs someone about where you come from and your background. This piece of work was created by Liam from Room Eight.


  1. This is great work Liam! We will use this in our classroom tomorrow. We are learning about Maori culture and this will be a great help to us. Maybe we will try to create our own Mihi and share it with you.

    Mr Lamshed

  2. Ashton and Sam have followed your great instructions and created a Mihi. They have made a video and have posted it on our main page!

  3. Mr Lamshed our students are absolutely thrilled at the thought of being involved with your class with this, we'd love to help.