Monday, February 9, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Powhiri 2009

This is a video created of the School Powhiri last week. It was filmed by Miss Day and is the first video production for 2009 by Room Eight. It was edited by Vika and Jamie with help from others. This is a work in progress but good to post so that the students can move forward.


  1. Good job everybody! Can't wait to see more!

    Mr F.

  2. Hi Room 8,
    Is a Powhiri a church service for the opening of school? What language was being spoken? How many people were there? It looked like there were hundreds or was it just a tricky camera angle? I am looking forward to seeing more of your school and community life through the blog.

  3. Hi Vika, Jamie and Room 8,
    Thanks for your concern and for answering my questions. We are out of danger for the moment, which is a huge relief! It's nice to know that we have friends, so far away, that care about what is happening here.

  4. @ Mr F. students were very impressed by your Room 9 blog and having a familiar face comment was a great learning experience.
    @ Sue - we've been watching your posts on the Fires with concern and hope that you, all your students and staff please keep safe.