Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Sports Results

One of the features of this blog is that we will be keeping you up to date with some of the exciting activities related to Melville Intermediate School.

Our sports for 2009 kicked off on Saturday 14th February when the Melville Intermediate Softball team played against Southwell School losing 6-16.

On Tuesday 17th February our Touch Teams Competed in the Hamilton Touch Competition at Frankton. Our Girls team lost to Peachgrove Intermediate 2-4 while our Boys had a tough double header. Their first game was against Crashaw School which they were narrowly defeated 3-5. They then had to back this up against Morrinsville Interemdiate (don't forget to check out some of their fantastic blogs through the links!). It was close at half time the score being 3-5 to Morrinsville but a combination of outstanding play from Morrinsville and the effect of playing two games in a row saw the score move to 3-9 in Morrinsville's favour. We'd like to congratulate all three teams on their sportsmanship and efforts.

We took some footage at the venue on the day and our students will be working hard to edit and rework the footage, hopefully it will be ready to go online tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. Do you guys have team reporters at every game? That would be very impressive!

  2. Next year I plan to stream video from some of our sporting events. I may even get some students to do half time shows or commentary. You are an important inspiration to me, keep it up.
    Mr. C

  3. Sounds like some tough competition. We're looking forward to the video footage!

    Room 10, Grey Lynn School

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  5. Thanks for your comments so far about the Treaty of Waitangi. The boys are finding this very useful! The boys are in the process of signing up for their own google accounts so they can post here themselves. Thanks guys!

  6. Thank you Room 8 for your great comment on our blog. We love it and we are glad that you like our movie. We have to produce at least two videos every term for our school news which is broadcasted daily. So we have a lot of experience in making movies. Our movies must have a theme and this term, its about how we can be successful in our learnings.

    Room 5 and Mrs She.

  7. Rugby is awesome

    i like how your school has sports that look interesting <)))>< :)

    I cant believe the girls lost.


  8. @ Sue we are trying to report at every game yes so that we cover everything that happens at our school.
    @ WM Chamberlain - its great for students to share footage like that it would make great viewing, like some of 2008's rugby games.
    @ Mr Lamshed - always keen to help
    @ Mrs She - wonderful work keep it up.
    @ Ryan, Dillion and Jose thanks for using us to complete your class work!