Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Melville Intermeidate - First Impressions

As part of our students initial introduction to Melville Intermeidate our students have to publish a piece of writing called 'first impressions'. This is for students portfolio's and also for consideration for the end of year School Magazine.

I like Melville Intermediate because people are friendly and having a vegetable garden in school is great. It gives the school a fresh smell. I've also made a few new friends here which is great. The field is a good size and the playground is really awesome. Its hard to do the obstacles! The teachers are cool because they set up fun things for the classes. Having a canteen is cool so you don't have to order ice blocks and drinks with your food. And last of all, PE gear. Its so great having PE (Uniform) because you don't get sweaty in your normal uniform. Those are my first impressions of Melville Intermediate. Nick, Room 8.


  1. Looks like Nick explores the world through his sense of smell and taste! It's good to hear that you guys have some interesting out door activities to do at your school. Kids around our district are always complaining that there is nothing to do at recess in the school yard.
    I am sure that everyone else with an acute sense of smell, like Nick, really appreciates the PE gear too!

  2. Thanks for that comment Sue, I would say that although it is hot in Hamitlon at the moment kids are at least still able to get out there and enjoy the wonderful grounds that we have at Melville Intermediate School. And yes the teacher loves the fact that we don't have any issues with sweaty uniforms after breaks!