Monday, February 16, 2009

Melville Intermediate - World Cup Video

This is our second video production for 2009. This is edited highlights of the Rugby League World Cups visit to Melville Intermediate. It was edited by Arahia and Vitolina and put together as part of our video work for 2009. We are still working through issues so although the quality of this video may not be the best its important that the students are able to 'get it out there'. We used a microphone to add a commentary at the start of the video! Next we're going to use photo-story to create a logo at the start of, and then closing credits for the end of our videos! After that we're going to look at improving the quality of them.


  1. This is a great effort guys! Mr Webb will have you all 'teched out' in no time!

  2. It's good to see that Mr. Webb has managed to upload this video clip after initial difficulties.
    Well done!

    Mrs She

  3. @ Sue - its a hardware issue that I have to sort out, but good to enforce the value of tripods!
    @ Mrs She - There are still problems uploading to blogger...

  4. Hello Room 8
    We've just had the Rugby League World Cup at our school too and we have posted a video clip of our assembly on our blog. Wonder what you will think of our Year 5 (9 year olds) effort!
    Room 15
    Pt England School