Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Sports Update

Today our School Swimming Sports were held to select the School team for next weeks Inter-Intermediate Competition. This morning there was significant rainfall which led to the competition still going ahead, although it was in a slightly reduced format. We were there with our camera and Bailey from Room 8 will be presenting a video of the event soon. Those students who meet the qualifying times will be travelling to Cambridge on Monday for the competition.

Tuesday night Touch saw Melville Intermediate's teams still searching for their first wins of the competition. The Girls were defeated by Peachgrove Intermediates Mixed team, although the score couldn't have been closer at 0-1. The Boys had a rematch against Morrinsville and although last weeks game was close Morrinsville Intermediate really showed their class tonight with a 2-8 win. This game was filmed and the highlights will be available later in the week. Some of the tries have to be seen to be believed!


  1. With your camera's lens? Your camera's broken? Your plurals...

    Ach, I'm just pining for summer here ;)

  2. Well done on the sports report. I look forward to seeing the video of the Touch rugby tries.

    And Jamie, we have just over 1200 students at our campus. We have students in Pre Kindergarten 3 to Grade 12 (3 year olds to year 13 in NZ). When I first arrived 8 years ago we had about 110!

    Mr. T

  3. Good report on the swimming Sport. We are looking forward to see your video report.
    By the way, thank you for taking time to visit our blog. You are one of our regulars.

    Mrs She and Room 5 Pt England School

  4. @ SiouxGeonz - I'd like to thank you for pointing that out, I had terrible grammar. If spell check doesn't pick it up...
    @ Thanks Mr Toa, you came up several times at Meet the Teacher Night with the interaction with your class...
    @ Mrs She thanks for the kinds words it is a pleasure to be regularly following your site.

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