Thursday, February 12, 2009

Melville Intermediate - The Literacy Process

At the moment students of Room 8 are working on a variety of project related to Melville Intermediate. Currently our students are planning tours of different parts of the school, special features of some of the special areas of our school, and writing scripts related to these pieces of work.

The literacy process is very important and although its the publishing side that you'll see through this blog it is important to appreciate that the students carry out a significant amount of preparation work before anything is published as this is very much the last part of the literacy cycle. The first of this work will be appearing online tomorrow and over the next coming weeks.

We'll also be starting a series of tutorials and language lessons based around some of our students at school. We have a huge number of activities at Melville Intermediate from our wonderful CPA (Cultural Performing Arts) Group, Wearable Arts Competition, Music - including a band and orchestra! not to mention Sport and will be trying to cover as much as possible of this online for you to see.


  1. Hello Room 8,

    We hope you are enjoying blogging! You are very lucky to have Mr Webb as your teacher as he is very clever with blogging! We look forward to seeing what your up to, we hope you enjoy reading our blog too. :-)

    Room 6
    St. Pius X School

  2. Hi everyone from room 8! Can't wait to see your hard work hit the blog.

    We have begun taking on some projects about Maori Culture and language. Students are working on projects in pairs or small groups rather than everyone doing the same project. Each group can then share what they've learned through our blog and by presenting to the class.

    So far we've had Ashton's Mihi and Sam has just posted his arrangement and recording of Pokarekare Ana yesterday! I think he did a brilliant job, and I'd love some people to listen to it and leave him a comment if you have the time.

    Two students are about to research and create a presentation about the treaty of Waitangi. Do you have any ideas for them? Do you have any key points that you think are important for them to include in their research?

    My class are really excited to be working with you on some learning. It's great that we can work with each other from across the sea!

    Mr Lamshed

  3. Hi Room 8, I will be following your Blog and will look forward to viewing all your work. You are very, very lucky to have Mr. Webb as your teacher and I'm SURE we will be hearing all about the sporting conquests of the mighty Waikato!! You have made a great start to the year. Good luck.
    From Mrs Kelly
    Tamaki Primary

  4. G'day,
    I was on the Edublogger birthday post and saw your comment, so thought I would visit your blog to tell you about a student blogging challenge that will be starting in March 2009.

    Students may use either a class blog or their own individual blog. There will be activities each week and they will be posted on my class blog

    If any teachers or students are interested in registering, please do so here

    A similar challenge was held last year and nearly 500 students from nine different countries of the world took part. These students are still blogging and running a collaborative blog at

  5. I agree with you that most people don't see the amount of preparation it takes to create content. You are so prolific with your posting that you make it seem your students "crank out" their work. It is good to remind us that this type of work takes time and effort that is not usually seen by the content consumers.
    Mr. C

  6. @ St Pius Room 6 - thanks for the positive feedback, not sure what a dever blogger is, but I like the sound of it! :)
    @ Mr Lamshed - your latest post is wonderful and next week we'll descend on your school page en masse
    @ Mrs Kelly thank you so much for getting in touch and making a post, Mr Webb is very bust working on this site but may find time to help a little with some sports.
    @ tasteach - thanks for the link we'd love to be involved
    @ Wm Chamberlain - we you know I suppose that we do crank out the work a little but were making sure that the students understand the process between it all. As always we appreciate your comments and hope that others are able to check out your wonderful blog